Wednesday, May 15, 2024

This, that and the other

DD had made some strawberry/rhubarb jam, so she brought me a jar and I've been enjoying that on english muffins. 

My internet was so annoying yesterday. And it wasn't making sense. While it was slow, it was at least somewhat usable. But, when I'd run a speedtest using my google home app, it was showing internet speed at a higher speed than doing a speed test online from my computer. It has never done that before - they have always been around the same. The computer speedtest (I tried the one from our phone companies website and another one) were showing the speed barely functioning at 1-2mbps. The google home app would show it at 10-12. That makes no sense. Also the speeds never really seemed as slow at the 1-2 mbps speed results I was getting. 

Then I get done working for the day (and totally frustrated and crabby) and the internet suddenly starts working normally again. This morning it's still good, thankfully. At least I don't have to call today. I want to call when it's doing it, so they can see from their end as well.

Sunday evening my uncle texted me that he still hasn't gotten his inherited IRA transferred to his bank. He texted like at 9:30 (he's an hour earlier) so I didn't reply until yesterday morning. I asked him if they are telling him what the hold up is? He just said they just keep making mistakes on the amount of the check going to the bank.....none of it makes much sense. I emailed him yesterday and told him if he hasn't, he should call the head guy/owner of the investment office and put the ph#. He replied back that the lady at the office told him today the check has been processed and he should have it in 12 days. Let's hope it's figured out.

I was trying to sign in with the cruise website to see how many days until our cruise, but I can't get signed in. I have trouble every time. Every time I try to sign in it tells me my password is wrong and I have to reset it/create a new password. Now it just won't let me in, period. Every so often I text my friend to tell her how many days, LOL. The past 2 Memorial day weeks they have come to stay, but we will miss them this year. Her hubby had shoulder surgery recently and is recovering and doing PT for that.

Well, on to a normal internet work day. Whew!




  1. The way your internet is acting seems very strange, like you are sharing it with someone. Is that at all possible?
    Your uncle can call the bank and make a three-way call so they can explain it to you what is going on since they cannot discuss his business with you.

    1. No, our wi-fi is password protected and even if it weren't the other 2 homes are too far away to use it. We can only get so far away from our house and shop and the signal goes away. I thought of suggesting that to my uncle. If he still doesn't get that resolved I'll offer that to him (though it's likely I'll have to do the 3 way call, I'm sure he'd have no idea how to do that with his phone)

    2. I am quite sure the bank would want to initiate the call to make sure of who was on the other end and if it was okay with uncle.