Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Saving money for the employers

Yesterday I spent some time on my side job. The advisor who was supposed to call me back yesterday afternoon, so that we can start to move forward with the accounting software downgrade, did not call, so I will call them again later this morning. The other issue has been with their account with Intuit/Quickbooks
(QB for ease of typing). When the QB was purchased years ago, their office manager set it up with her as the "primary manager". Well, of course she isn't with the company owners now, in their new "company". I, nor the owner can do anything with the account. Can't even change the payment method. I am an authorized user and can log in and view, but not do anything. 

I called to ask how to change it to me as the primary manager. OMG. What hoops to go through! I have to fill out an online form and upload my drivers license, as well as the owner's drivers license, a letter from the owner giving permission to change it, and a copy of their articles of incorporation. Then a lightbulb went off and I texted my side job boss/owner back and said does K work for the new owner? yes. Can you contact her and see if she still has her login and password for Intuit? My thinking is, if I could get signed in as her, the primary, I could then change it over to me, without going through all the hoops. K did still have it, it worked and I was able to sign in and woohoo! I am now set up as the primary manager. So, at least that is finally taken care of.

Then, another light bulb moment. My side job and my regular job both use the same version of QB. Why does my side job's annual subscription plan cost $2200 and my regular job's cost $4800?? As near as I can tell it due to how many users. The side job is set up as one user. My regular job is set up as 5. We have 2 users. I remember years ago, when we upgraded to this version and from what I recall we could either purchase a one user plan or a 5 user (or more, for more money) so we had to go with the 5 user. Well, I clicked on "change plan" just to see what it showed and it has options for 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 users, with different plan pricing. We can save over $2000 a year by switching it down to the 2 user plan. I messaged my boss about this yesterday afternoon, and I'm sure she will agree, when she has time to get back to me on it. I figured I earned my keep on both jobs this week, LOL.

In between the crappy weather, dh managed to get the lawn mowed yesterday afternoon, as it stayed dry long enough and some wind had helped dry out the grass to mow. Today is rain again. All this gray and no sun is getting gloomy.

I did manage to get the firestick remote paired back up with the tv. I could reach the cord that plugs in the back of the firestick and unplugged that for a few seconds and then was able to follow the steps to get it to work again.

My assistant hasn't worked in a week now. The only day he's let us know, was he messaged me yesterday morning that he was going to work in the afternoon, but he didn't, LOL. Last week he only worked like 4 hours total. At this point I don't even care one way or the other. I'm guessing he'll be done with spring quarter soon and probably work a lot more this summer, like he did last summer.

Around noon yesterday I started getting a headache. Later afternoon I took some ibuprofen. By evening it was a pounding headache and I had to go lay down and tried tylenol, which didn't help any. It finally went away not too long after I went to bed. 

I am ready for the work day to be done (and it hasn't even started, LOL) so I can be off for the next 5 days.


  1. Headache? Honestly, I am not surprised given the work issues and Firestick! Kidding aside, we had a lot of rain yesterday, and it's still raining. While I know we need it for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the lower snow melt from higher elevations, it's tough to have cold, wet weather so late in spring. Plus, I think the change in pressure really did my head in. I have had a dull, sinus headache since yesterday, and so has a kid. Glad you feel better.

  2. I'm dead impressed with your tech capacities (and I hope both your employers are too)!

  3. Yellow Shoes

    I love how you squirrel away at these techy problems and eventually solve them through sheer hard work.
    I don't know what to say about your assistant; he says he's going to work then doesn't.
    Your boss will eventually have to take him on.
    No mowing here yet - we have a movement here called No Mow May - to help wildlife - which gives me a good excuse not to do it!

  4. You are good. I am sure saving your employers' money impresses them. I was once better with tech stuff, but now even thinking about problems makes me very tired.