Sunday, May 5, 2024

Nothing much

Half of the weekend is over. I just did some cleaning up yesterday. Around 9am I drove into town to the little grocery store. It's little, so even if there aren't very many shoppers in there, it feels crowded and if 2 or 3 people go in around the same time, everyone has to head to the right and into the deli and produce small area. Well, I walked in behind a couple, that the lady was slower than a turtle (and not due to age). First I stood there...and stood there while she got a shopping cart. Just pull one out and move! They are all the same (and brand new, which was nice to see) LOL. Then I spent the next several minutes stuck behind her and her husband while she stood and looked at the first section of stuff. I couldn't go around her on the other side because a family of 4 was blocking the way. Four people shopping all together do not fit in that tiny store, LOL. Finally I was able to go around her (while she's still standing at the first section), grab some bananas from the middle display, grab some bread from the wall, then get to the other side for some other produce. 

And there were no good donuts left! Boo! Once I got out of that bottlenecked area of shoppers the rest of the store was pretty empty and I got the rest of my stuff and checked out, no line. Now we have enough to get by until I take Amos to the vet on Thursday and can pick up an order at Walmart after I'm done with his appointment. 

Speaking of the cat. He was acting flighty all day. Dh is like "he's gonna puke, I just know it". Well, he waited until we were sleeping last night. I got up to my office this morning to find the mess. I'm kind of thinking of buying a carpet shampooer. These carpets probably need a shampooing clean - it's been 5 years. Yikes. I know when we moved into the house we had in town, I rented one from the grocery store (like 7 years ago). I can't remember what it cost. Like $30. DD has one, I'll have to ask her what she has. I'm not sure if it's steam cleaner type or a shampoo type. Which is better?

I started watching a movie on Netflix last night, The Judge, but I didn't get to finish it, so I will do that today. It was a nice day yesterday, but this morning looks like rain clouds.

So, those crescent roll apple pie desserts. They are really only good on day one. I had one yesterday and the crescent roll part was pretty soggy, so they didn't taste as good. But they were super delicious warm out of the oven and even a cooled one later that same evening. 

DH's little game/trail camera had the batteries explode in it yesterday. Weird. We've had it 5 or 6 years. I guess I'll be buying a new one. It wasn't an expensive one, I think dd got it for him as a gift for like $40 or $50. 

I see that DAN's listing now has the location pin fixed on the Zillow listing, so I'm sure we'll start seeing people driving in to look at the properties.


  1. Do you have an air fryer? We are new converts and we now consider it magic. I bet the crescent rolls would crisp up again (and it makes the best tater tots we've ever had!).

    1. I've really considered getting one, but then I tell myself I need another appliance like I need a whole in the head and just another thing to try to find space for. My kitchen isn't really very big. But, I sure hear people rave about them.

  2. Mr. Bean did a great sketch about trying to dash down the stairs in a hotel to get to the buffet before everyone else, only to get stuck behind a lady moving about one mile and hour. The urge to give just a little push must have been tremendous!

    1. I've seen a few of those Mr. Bean sketches - he's hilarious.