Thursday, May 9, 2024

Too much to do Thursday

Since I'm taking off early today, I got logged into work as soon as I sat down at my desk this morning, at a little after 7am. I see out my window lots of white clouds and some blue sky, but the clouds are supposed to clear out soon. I've got a different happy bird chirping this morning. DH now has a raven following him around, LOL. It even showed up for a few seconds on our back patio. Our yellow lab HATED those black birds, LOL. After he died and we put some of his ashes, along with a plant, out in our driveway island, there was a raven hanging out there. haha. DH has now named this Raven Max, after our dog.

I just made one last addition to my Walmart order for this afternoon. Well, I hope it's the last thing. I have almost 2 hours left to make changes/additions. I also found a few tee shirts to order online from Walmart. I just could not find colors I liked at other stores, but I found some Hanes brand in a few colors I liked. I prefer the more muted, dusty colors and also earth tones.  Most of the tees I was finding like on Kohl's, JCP, etc were all white, blue, red, green, yellow. Or patterned, which I don't care for. White is never good - I always end up with a stain, LOL. I'm also in search of a brown lighter weight cardigan sweater. The one I usually wear (because I'm usually cold with just a short sleeved shirt on) is so old now, it's getting a hole in the elbow (no, I'm not going to try to fix or patch it). I've had this sweater for years. Time for a replacement. I have lots of cardigans in my closet, but they are either very thick sweaters or very thin. This was is just the perfect weight/thickness. It's hard to tell looking online at pictures, for a replacement, but they look to be either too thick or too thin. I hate clothes shopping. And I still haven't found anything that appears to be the socks I want, either. Where the heck did I get these? LOL. Again, these ones wearing holes now, are just the right thickness, but I only have 2 pair left. I have other socks, but these are my daily faves.

Ok, Amos has been out twice this morning and now he's back in until we leave for the vet. Not taking any chances he won't come back in time. He's been so annoying the past several nights. He is perfectly content all evening (usually in lap) but as soon as I go to bed he starts meowing, in and out of the bedroom, up on the bed, down from the bed, up in the window ledge, down, back out in the rest of the house meowing. Most of the time he will stop this after about a half hour, but the past few nights he won't, so I've just had to take him upstairs and put him in the office, so I can get to sleep. I'm sure part of it is he wants outside, but we won't let him out at night.

I'm having frustrations with a spreadsheet this morning. Somethings not adding up right. Probably best that I move over to this screen and finish up this blog post and take a break from that spreadsheet for a few minutes. That did the trick - I found my error and good to go now. Now I can move forward with closing up February financial reports.

The lots next to us have been up for sale for 2 weeks now. We still haven't seen anyone come in and look at them, which is kind of a surprise. It will be interesting to see how long it takes them to sell. I'm sure they will likely sell sometime by next fall.


  1. Has Amos been fixed yet? That is probably what is up with him? I am so interested in your raven stories. I wonder when the gifts will come to DH.
    The red, blue, and yellow shirts would be my favorites. I understand about the weight of sweaters. I usually wear one of the jackets made of sweatshirt material. It is one thickness with a hoodie. I could do without the hoodie. I do have better looking sweaters I wear when we go somewhere.

    1. Yes, I had him fixed a couple years ago, as soon as he was old enough. I think he just gets mad that I go to bed, LOL.

  2. I wonder if Amos is anxious to go outside because cats know that when its early spring fledglings are hatching out and sometimes ending up falling to the ground?
    And becoming a nice little snack for a passing cat.
    Maybe Amos just wants to bring you a little snack!

    1. that could be - there sure is a lot more going on outside now with all the birds and the chipmunks back