Monday, May 20, 2024

Managing Monday

Another cold night and cloudy drizzly day on tap. Also on tap is another phone call to Social Security, as my mom's payment was not made in the 45 days they told me to wait. I wonder what the vague excuse will be this time. I have 2 more weeks to wait to call the IRS back. They told me to wait 6 weeks for the form I submitted, just so they can talk to me about it! With my new notebook system of taking notes I could flip back to get the date I talked to both agencies last.

Yesterday morning I made a batch of tapioca pudding. I've always wondered why they call it "Minute" tapioca. It sure doesn't take a minute to make, LOL. You have to stand there and stir for like 20 minutes and don't stop stirring. I made it with whole organic milk and monkfruit in place of the sugar. It's delicious and sugar free (well, other than the natural sugar in milk).

Then I vacuumed downstairs. Hopefully vacuumed up the last of "grandpup's" fur that's been showing up everywhere. The neighbor dogs were good all weekend, with their dog sitter. Mr and Mrs return home today. I think the dogs were actually quieter with the sitter than Mr and Mrs LOL. 

DD has used the grounding mat she got on their bed since last Tuesday. Like with my dh, she has noticed a definite reduction in his snoring, so she's happy. She said she didn't hear him snore at all last night. My dh is still 99% snore free. It's wonderful. I'm still pain free while sleeping and also still don't need the heating pad on my back in the recliner anymore.

I found a couple of t-shirts to try out and ordered them. They are about twice what I usually spend on a tee, but they look to be good quality and I liked the colors they offer. I got a dusty wedgewood blue and a dusty purple color to try. If I like them, I'll likely order a couple more of other colors. 

We still have not seen anyone come and look at the lots for sale next door. The sanican is still there, so he must still be planning on doing some work on the lots, though he hasn't been out here again, for about a week. 

It's a 3 day work week for me, so I'm happy about that. 

Well, wish me luck with my call to Social Security.


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  2. What type/brand t shirt? I am crushed St. John's Bay doesn't have my favorite summer colors this season...muted peach and muted brown. The peach I ordered this year is almost a day-glo orange. The quality/fit is still great. In winter, I wear the 3/4 sleeve, v-neck black, white and red with denim skirts over leggings. I also, when I wear jeans, wear the petite, short length, St.John's Bay blue jeans...but, I bought two pairs last fall, exactly the same. One fit well, the other was tighter, narrower cuff, and twisted in the inseam, and the front pockets were shallow to the point that I could only get my hands the first knuckle in them. Again, it was the exact same pair...size length, color. I don't know why it is so hard to find decently made basic articles of clothing. Don't even get me started on shoes!!!

    1. The website is called Fresh Clean Threads. The tees are $22 each (or a 5 pack for the price of 4). I found a 10% off coupon code so that and my cash back on card and Rakuten covered the shipping. Muted peach and brown are the kind of colors I like, as well.

  3. I wonder what is the dogsitter's secret to keeping dogs from barking. The woman next door dog sat her son's dogs. She hated barking dogs, so kept her charges quiet. I asked her how she kept them quiet. She said she cursed them and made them come in and cursed them some more and would not let them out. She said you have to keep bringing them back in to teach them not to bark. Of course, that was her method. I had another friend whose cat did zoomies and made him crazy and woke him up. He said he threw him back into his crate. I suppose the similarity is curtailing movement. I don't know. I do know that using a dog whistle when dogs bark, stops the barking.
    I hope the shirts work for you. Can you ask to speak to someone higher up (not those words) if you get no results from the bank?

    1. the dogs are fine, as long as someone is there, so no secret to keep them quiet. They are content when someone is home, but when they are left alone they can get agitated easily.