Sunday, May 19, 2024

Chilly morning

I slept in a whole half hour yesterday and it messed up my morning routine, LOL. By the time I was ready to start writing a blog post dh was getting up, so it was time to make some breakfast. Then I got busy with my chores I wanted to get done for the day. I did a few load of laundry and changed the sheets on our bed and the guest bed dd and sil slept in. A few dishes left in the sink into the dishwasher and that ran, and a couple of pots and pans hand washed. 

I used the Thriftbooks giftcard dd gave me and ordered some book. 5 or 6, I can't remember now, but from my previous purchases I also had a free book to pick out. One of these days my bookcases will be filled up :)

For dinner I made some chicken quesadillas. We haven't had those in awhile. I was reading an article last night on my ipad about the current Costco deals and one of the items is a chicken burger that looks good. I messaged a screen shot to dd and asked if they've ever tried them and she said yes, they are good and her dh loves them. So, I'm going to get some of those to try when I stock up on the orange chicken on sale. 

The neighbor dogs are being really good while their humans are away. The dog sitter was gone part of the day yesterday, but she was back by mid afternoon and then spends the night. But, the pooches sure do look like 3 sad sacks sitting out in their kennel. Dh goes over and give them treats.

I need to vacuum downstairs today. I'm finding leftover remnants of dd's dog, LOL. He's quite a shedder. 

There's a small ranch about 4 or 5 miles down the road. I don't think it's been a working ranch since we've lived here and from the looks of the barns and outbuildings, not for a long time. The couple is quite old. We just heard the husband passed away a few days ago. That is sad. I hope their property gets to stay as it is, or maybe gets bought by their neighbors to keep it like it is and incorporate the land into their ranch. It doesn't sound like the wife is very well, either. 

I remember a couple years ago, when the husband of one of the other ranches in that area passed away (they actually have cattle on it) and good old DAN commented to dh (literally days after his death) that he was going to buy that up!. Dh didn't know the owner of that ranch (we do now) but knew enough to know that it has been in their family for many generations and wasn't likely it would be sold or subdivided up. To DAN he just said "oh... yeah?". Well, of course it was not sold. The wife is still there and now her son and his wife are there running the ranch. The wife is only in her early 60's and healthy, so she's not going anywhere. She was literally born there.

It's rainy-ish and cold today. I almost need some heat on in the house. Not sounding good for the long weekend weather next weekend.


  1. I intensely dislike people who take advantage of people, especially women after the death of the husband. They depend on grief to help take advantage! I personally knew of a man like that.

    The dogs are happy with anyone being there? That sounds good for you if they don't bark.

    I have not looked as far ahead as next weekend. But, the week up until Friday is rain-free, thankfully.

    1. The dogs aren't happy, but they don't bark if someone is there with them. It was a peaceful weekend