Friday, May 3, 2024

New dessert

I came across a little recipe and thought Oh! I have these 3 ingredients! Crescent rolls, apple pie filling, and caramel sauce. They literally took me 5 minutes to put together and 13 minutes to bake.

And sooo good! I just ate two. 😋  I just sent a pic to dd and she said for me to make these when they are here next weekend.

Good to be Friday, again. At least we're seeing some sunshine today. Since the lots for sale next door have been listed the past week, we have not seen anyone come and look at them. The listing on zillow doesn't have the "pin" on the map in the right place (it's like 15 miles away) and since the lots don't have an assigned address yet, and their listing has no directions, anyone wanting to come look at the property would have to call their realtor. I'm guessing this might have been done on purpose, so they get a better idea of how many people might be looking at it. If it had the right spot on the map, I think most people would just come look on their own. I know we did, when looking at land. The street name on the listing isn't even our street - it's the main road we access our street (which has it's own name) from.

Last night I started back up watching a couple episodes on Hulu of the Mary Tyler Moore show. Passes the time a bit, in between dh always coming out from his computer in the den to tell me this or that, LOL. He's constantly interrupting my tv/video watching, haha. 

Dh didn't get the lawn mowed yesterday. A friend called after lunch and they talked a long while and by the time he got off it was getting really dark out and looked to rain. He was going to mow today and then an old childhood friend messaged him he's doing a job in the town next to us and told dh to come over and visit with him a bit, so he's been gone doing that.


  1. I love easy recipes & those look delicious 😋
    Have one for me 🙃

  2. I have taken peeled, sliced apples mixed with a little sugar and cinnamon and wrapped them in a crescent roll. I'll have to try the pie filling.

  3. Those look delicious!
    That seems to be a strange way to sell a property with no pin and wrong address.
    I think your husband likes to talk, not a bad thing. Maybe since he does not have a job with people around, he finds his companionship where he can. Tommy and I talk during each other's shows.

  4. I'm going to try those apple turnovers; I have apple sauce, syrup and puff pastry.
    They look delicious.

  5. It's always satisfying to discover a new recipe that's easy to make, isn't it!!! Oh and I loved that video of your home from your last post. Just beautiful!