Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Rants and ravens

My uncle called yesterday afternoon. He was at his bank, again, and said he's still trying to get his account transferred to his bank. He said he wasn't asking me to do anything, he just wanted someone to rant to. I did manage to get out of him that he is trying to transfer this to an IRA account with his bank (vs. just cashing it out and have the money transferred to his checking). He said he has been to his bank 5 times and every time they think it's resolved and then it's not. I have no idea what could be the issue. It's hard, because he rarely will stay on the phone more than 30 seconds, LOL.

I did email the gal at our investment office to ask if there is anything I can do or help explain to him what is causing the issue (though why his bank can't take care of this, I have no idea). I pretty much got the reply I expected. She can't discuss his account with me, but as far as she knows it got resolved yesterday. I texted my uncle this morning to let him know I tried and I hoped his bank got it figured out. He said he'll be going back over to his bank again today to check on it. I can't imagine why this is such a hassle to transfer. But, my guess is, if the investment company currently holding it, is as slow at doing the transfer to another company, as they were just getting it transferred from my mom to the beneficiaries accounts (within the same company), then that's probably the reason why. I am still 100% baffled by why they would need my mom's middle name to do this transfer? I mean it's out of her name and put in his name, so it's his account now, to do with what he wanted. Maybe because transferring it, the new company still has to set it up as an "Inherited IRA" and they still need the info on who it's inherited from, including her date of death, because that's when his 10 year clock to withdraw it all starts.

So far, 2 months in to me now having my account with the inherited IRA, the investments are doing well. 

We have ravens around all the time. I was telling dh that I was reading that one of the things they like are peanuts and also it's common, if you start leaving them treats in a spot, they will start leaving you "presents" back - things they find: feathers, rocks, coins, shiny objects. Dh said a few days ago he started leaving peanuts in 3 spots out front and they've disappeared, but he wasn't sure if it was the ravens or chipmunks taking them. Today he walked out to get the mail and there was a raven out there. Dh said he flew around and cawwed at dh the whole time, which they haven't done before. Dh came back in and got some peanuts and went back out there to leave in the 3 spots and then watched out the window as the raven came back to take some, take back across the street, and then back to pick up more. I told dh to start watching for presents in return! Wouldn't that be something?!


  1. That's cool info about ravens. I didn't know that:)

    1. they are apparently very intelligent birds and can remember/recognize faces