Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Back in the saddle - late

I overslept this morning. Usually I am up at 7, but dh got up at 7:30 and says aren't you working today? I was zonked out. Last evening my sinus's started feeling like hayfever, stuffed up. I woke up sometime during the night with a bad sinus headache, but after I changed positions, it went away and that must have been when I fell back asleep hard, LOL. I'm still trying to get woken up. I have payroll to do today. I need to wake up. Even Amos doesn't want to wake up all the way. He got up when I did but changed his mind about going outside. Now he's in my lap falling back asleep.

DH got the coiled hoses hooked back up for the season, which lets me get most of the flowers in front watered with those. All the flowers on the back patio still have to be watered with a watering can. We should have put a water connection near the back patio. That would have been smart.

It seems like trying to watch some shows on apple plus tv, where the scenes are at night or in a darker area, it is so hard to see on my ipad. I tried to up the brightness but it's still not enough. I googled the issue and apparently it's a common issue. Something to do with the app. It seems to be the best way to "fix" it is to not use the app itself and just access Apple+tv from a webbrowser on the ipad (or phone, or whatever device). So, I tried that and that helped quite a bit. How stupid for an apple show watched on an apple product and you can barely see the show. 

Yesterday I gave dh a haircut and then got out the vacuum out to clean up his hair on the bathroom floor and then decided to vacuum the whole downstairs while I was at it. I watered all the flowers. Gave the chicken the leftover piece of corn on the cob. She didn't want anything to do with it, LOL. 

Last nights dinner was ham and cheese sliders. Tonight we are going to try the chicken melt sandwiches we got at Costco. My dd said those are good. I asked her if there's anything at Costco they haven't tried?! She replied "tofu" LOL


  1. next time you have a plumber out, have them quote you for adding a spigot...we had one added to our back porch, it was $150 because it had easy access through the crawlspace from the front...said it could be very expensive if it gets difficult, but ours was a straight shot, so super cheap and kicking ourselves for not doing it sooner haha.

    1. Dh didn't put any of the spigots on the house or shop. I'm not sure why, but knowing him it has to do with freezing, LOL. He put in these 4 water pumps. One at the front corner of the house, one back next to the chicken coop, and one each end of the shop. They go down like 6 feet and no chance of freezing. Plus he made the design of how they work, himself, so that if they ever need to be replaced they can just be pulled right up, no digging. When we were at the plumbing supply buying the materials the guy was like "that's genius!". He just wishes he would have put one back by the back patio....