Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Slogging through today

I'm not having the best morning, so far. First I had trouble sleeping last night. I woke up with stomach issues. Today the upstairs bathroom, which is at the other end of the house from my office, is feeling far away, LOL.

I'm also waiting for a call from our in-house IT help guy to change a setting for me in a program we use. It somehow changed how I can view pdf's and I can't find where the setting is to change it back. I think he's forgotten about me...

The IRS refund check for my mom, that had my last name spelled wrong, got to my bank yesterday (I had mailed it in) and deposited with no issues. Now I am just waiting on her Social Security payment and then other than filing her fed and state tax returns next year, everything will be done that needs to be done, for now.

We tried the chicken melt sandwiches from Costco for dinner last night. They were ok - nothing great. Probably not really filling enough for a dinner, but will work when we just feel like having a really light dinner. The chicken and cheese was good, but I found the pita type bread a bit chewy. I think tonight we'll give the mini chicken taco's a try.

It's pretty windy out today. My wind chimes are really playing lots of musical notes. Very pretty sound. These Corinthian Bells chimes are still one of my favorite things.

I've made dh an appointment to go get his prostate checked again. It's been 18 months. I've been trying to suggest he go back, but of course he listened to a friend and finally decided he needs to do a follow up. At least he listens to someone, LOL. The soonest appointment with his urologist is June 20, but that's only about 3 weeks, so not bad. I thought his urologist had retired, but apparently he's still working part time and still taking appointments.

I'm working on some retirement/Social Security numbers scenario that is showing to be very eye opening. Almost too good to believe. I'll share the info in another post, once I confirm my spreadsheet calculations are correct.


  1. I visited the Social Security website this week to take a look at potential scenarios, too. If I take the 'early retirement' option at age 62, between that and what I expect to receive from one retirement account I have, it's looking kind of slim. I have just over a decade to work and fund my current retirement account. It's a different kind of fund than my other one, so I'm hoping it will have enough to get me through.

  2. I am glad your husband finally listened to someone.

    1. Linda, I wish Google would let me comment on your blog but no joy and I've given up trying. That made me smile!

      One, I find pitta breads are often chewy so I put them in the toaster to crisp up a bit before using them.