Sunday, February 23, 2020

This and that

DH likes to use Febreeze air freshener out in his shop bathroom and I forgot to buy more when I did my grocery shopping order, so I just had to order some online with Walmart. To get free shipping I need to order $35, so I picked a few more items to add to my pantry: canned pears (6 pk) and Jiffy cornbread mix (12 pk). The last 2 dinners we've had my taco soup I was wishing I had some cornbread. I use 2 boxes when I make the cornbread in an 8x8 baking dish. I also ordered some Clorox wipes for his shop bathroom and I realized I'm about out of conditioner. Just a few pennies over the $35 needed for free shipping.

DH got his baseboard trim installed in the shop. Looks nice and was a fairly cheap project, using 1x4 boards from the lumber store and leftover stain we already had.
The weather has been sunny the past few days and yesterday got to over 50, so he's been able to set up his table saw outside on the concrete.

Woodworker friend finished my little step stool. It's so cute and came in handy when I needed to reach something up high in the laundry room yesterday.
I spent most of yesterday cleaning and in between reading another book I was trying to finish before my borrow time is up. I managed to finish it last evening. It was Stephen King's The Outsider and quite a long book. I did have to make a quick run into town as the 9 volt battery went dead on the stud finder and we didn't have any more. But it was nice to get out for a bit and the dogs like going for the ride. Saw a guy coming out of the store I knew and said hello.

When I did my Walmart pick up order I ordered some Folgers coffee - but I got the darker blend then I had been getting. I was going to have that this morning and went to get it off the pantry shelf and saw it was the medium blend. Hmm..did I get the wrong? did I already have this can? (I think I did). Did I not get the coffee in that last order?. I looked back in my order and I did for sure order the darker blend. Then I looked through my pictures I have taken of the pantry with my phone. A picture taken on 2/9 shows that medium blend of coffee on the shelf already, so apparently I already had that can and  I did not get the coffee I paid for last Thursday! I'll have to put in a claim online. I guess I should start making sure everything I order was received. It's pretty impossible when you are picking up to check everything, but I could at least verify once I get home and start putting it all away. I'll go double check the pantry once more for it, but I don't think it's there. UPDATE; went back into the pantry and found the coffee - it got tucked behind the support beam :)

Not sure what we are doing today. I think DH is done out in the shop for now and probably will rest today. It's supposed to start raining this afternoon, turning to snow in the evening. We had some deer out in our driveway last night. One of the dogs spotted them out the front door side windows. It was dark and at first we couldn't see what he was barking at.


  1. Your new step stool is lovely! I'd not want to step on it for fear of scuffing it up! LOL. Glad you found the coffee you bought!

  2. The step stool sort! of goes beyond being utilitarian! It is very nice. I hate to think I am losing my mind when I "lose/misplace" something like you did.

  3. That's 3 for 3 then - we all love that step stool!

  4. It's such a cute step stool :) That's why I had him put the rooster on the back instead of where I step, haha.