Monday, February 17, 2020

Sunday Shenanigans

So, DH was out in his shop yesterday, putting the wood trim casings around the remaining windows. Only it's a bit tight to get to the rest of them, as so much stuff on pallets is like a foot from the windows. Anyhow, I guess he had climbed up on the stuff on one of the pallets for some reason and when it was time to get down, rather than carefully climb back down, he basically jumped down to the floor and with everything so close quarters he hit his elbow really hard. Fast forward a couple hours and I'm out in the shop helping him set up the extra tv, so he can listen/watch the Nascar race while he's out there and he's like wow - my elbow is killing me and pulls up his sweatshirt sleeve. Both our eyes popped out! It looked like he had a golf ball underneath the skin on his elbow!

I did some googling on my phone and apparently that is common for a trauma like he did to his elbow. It fills up with fluid. I made him take some ibuprofen and sit with an ice pack in his recliner the rest of the afternoon and evening. From what I read it will probably take a while for it to heal and the swelling to disappear.  Thankfully this morning it looks a lot better. Still swollen some, but more "normal" swelling looking and a bit of a bruise where he hit it. He seemed to sleep pretty well last night, at least. Hopefully it's on the mend and no doctor visit needed. I ordered him an elbow brace from Amazon that will be here on Wednesday. He has one for his knee (that he popped out last year) that helps to wear sometimes, so I'm sure an elbow brace will help, especially since he's not good about listening to me and taking it easy with it for awhile.

And then speaking of a doctor visit, I was making sure I had his health insurance card in my wallet, just in case, which then made me realize that this monthly insurance premium billing was set up to automatically charge to my credit card and that is the card that (for some reason) just got replaced a few weeks ago and I had to update all my bills on it. And I forgot that this one needed to be updated. I called this morning, but of course they won't talk to me, DH has to get on the phone and authorize them to let me update the info. He was still sleeping, so I'll have to call back later.

We got quite a bit of snow over the weekend, only it would warm up to like 40 by afternoon and most of it would melt. It's been in this cycle for days now until yesterday it finally cooled down and snowed in the afternoon, too. We got quite a bit last night and right now it's coming down very prettily.

I made a pan of brownies yesterday. Yum. Dinner was steak and green beans. Starting to get low on food, so a trip for groceries will have to be done this week. The pantry canisters I ordered are supposed to arrive today.

DH is having woodworker friend make me a little stepstool that I can store in the pantry. Mostly I need it for the high kitchen cabinets, but the top shelf in the pantry is a little high, too. Good grief - it was a chore just to explain a simple little footstool. He drew out one he has built in the past that has a handle on the back. I said ok, that will work. Then a half hour discussion ensued about the height of the stool. DH has a plastic step stool that I have used (but stored out in the garage) and it's like 12 or 13" high. I said just that height is fine. I can reach up to the tall shelves with that. He wanted to go on and on about that's a big step up and down (carrying something). I said it's fine. Nothing I have up there is very heavy, let alone most of the cupboards there is the counter below, so I will just set it on the counter first and then step down, empty handed.

Then he got home and proceeded to text DH on and on about it should be a 2 step stool.  I texted back (as DH) and said "she said she wants the one step stool". More texting. Finally I told Dh geez Louise! I'll go back to using the chair I'd usually grab from the dining table and step up on that, LOL! That's what I've done for 30 years, haha. So, yesterday afternoon he brings over 2 he made. One like I wanted and one that has 2 steps. Well, the steps are narrow and small. Would be great for a little toddler trying to reach the sink to wash his hands or brush his teeth. So, I told him I'll go with the one step one. Finally he said ok. He said he has some neighbor friends with 3 year old twins he will give it to for them, haha.


  1. I know it is your stool, but for me the step would be too far. The days I could get on a chair are long Now, I have to use the stool to get into the chair. The best handle on a stool is the one my father made for my son. Daddy said it was the kind conductors use with a little hole in the top for the hand--about six inches long and 1.5 inches across. My son has it now.

    1. that handle your father made sounds like the one this guy is doing. It has a little heart hole at the top.