Friday, February 28, 2020

Friday Yay

Will today be the day my mom finally doesn't ask me about her tax forms?? ?? ??
I haven't called her yet as I don't think she even gets up until like 9:30 or 10 and seems to take her a good hour or so to "wake up" and want to chat on the phone, so lately I've just been waiting until after lunch to call her.

Later.....I called her about 11:30 and she thought there was something she wanted to ask me about but couldn't remember (and I thought oh here we go again....) She kind of went through some of her papers on her desk and apparently the tax forms are still not filed but she did write "done" on them, so she knew now that it was taken care of. I did remind her it's the end of the month and her rent will be due in a couple of days.

It's my half day and after I was done working I tried to set up the new computer. I don't know how. They've got it set up with a user name and password and nothing I tried works. Then I tried "other user" and that, with my work password I was able to get into a desktop that had a few work things - outlook and teams. I tried to load Firefox, but it wanted admin user name and password, so I couldn't get past that again. Finally, I just unplugged it all and hooked up my old one to use for the weekend. I shot off an email to our IT to find out what time the tech guy will be available on Monday morning to get me going.

I tried to get vpn'd into work, but again, I don't know the settings, so I will have to wait until Monday.  I was hoping I could get a lot of it figured out by myself, or at least get a few of my personal things loaded. I did finally get it to load Firefox and I had copied my profile from my old computer for Firefox but when I tried to open Firefox with that profile I got an error message and can't even open Firefox at all now. I tried to uninstall Firefox, so I could start over but it won't let me uninstall without that admin user name and password. On well. I guess that's what I'll end up doing half of Monday morning now.

I do like the new keyboard a bit better. It's much quieter to type but I keep missing the "m" key when I got to type it. I think because the keys are more low profile than my other keyboard.

Since I'm done messing with computers, I guess I'll go dust mop the floor downstairs. Maybe I'll make some tapioca pudding. I have almost a gallon of milk to use up in the next few days before it starts going bad and making that uses up almost 3 cups of milk.

It's a blue sky day and almost 60 degrees. Spring is trying to get here, which is nice, though I'm sure we'll still see some more winter days.

Well, the IT just replied back that they have me scheduled for 8:30 Monday morning, which is 9:30 my time. Ugh. I usually start work 2 hours earlier than that. I guess I'll just work for an hour and a half with my old computer hooked up, then get the new one hooked back up and wait for his call at 8:30.

Not much planned this weekend. DH is still grumpy and unfortunately, I don't have all the extra money for him to start on the shed/chicken coop until next payday and the guy helping him isn't available for another weekend or two anyway. I know it would help get his mind out of the dumps if he could get busy doing something again.


  1. Laughing here. Surely you have something for him to do! Maybe you should ask your mother if the kids needed her to sign something or if they needed something. I will be surprised if they wanted nothing. I hate computer problems!

  2. He's a guy. It has to be his idea. I'm m sure you understand LOL

  3. Question....what is your hubby going to do when there are no more projects to do? Or is that an insane question because he'll come up with more things. lolz
    Have a good weekend.

    1. Well he didn't get to keep as busy as usual this winter plowing snow because we hardly got much as usual. I think now that we have a lawn in he will keep very busy mowing and upkeeping all the landscaping the rest of the year. He enjoys lawn mowing.

  4. I’ve been reading along and chuckling about your mom and her tax forms. But yay that she finally knows they are done now. Hope you can get your computer up and going soon. Have a great weekend!

    1. I hope she now remembers! It will be so much easier when I am close by and can just file those away myself.