Saturday, February 15, 2020

Saturday cleaning and working

I didn't do much MTurks at all last week. All my free minutes were devoted to working on my side job as I try to get all their year end accounting done to send to their CPA. I got a bit behind on having time for my side job the past few weeks, with all the extra time I was putting in at my regular job (audit, computer issues, etc). I am hoping to be all caught up with it this weekend. Yesterday was my half Friday on my regular job, so I was able to spend a couple hours on my side job in the afternoon. But by about 3pm my eyes couldn't do anymore computer work. They needed a break.

I had just laid down to rest my eyes/maybe get a little nap, when the dogs started barking because someone pulled in the driveway. DH said it was woodworker friend. Oh great, I really wanted to nap and wasn't in the mood to chit chat and thankfully DH just shut the bedroom door before he let friend in, LOL. I sorta napped, over hearing them talk for an hour. I kept thinking he was going to leave soon and I'd get up after he left. But, he didn't. Finally at 4:15 I came out. Then Dh got to talking to him about future projects he wants him to do for us and there was another hour. I kept saying "this is down the road, nothing that needs to be done right now" because I don't have the money for any of that right now.

We keep getting a few inches of snow overnight, but by afternoon it warms up to like 40 and most of it melts away, like it never happened. Then we wake up the next morning and it's all white again. Feels like groundhog day.

This morning I am just cleaning house. So far I have cleaned the kitchen, loaded the dishwasher, dust mopped the hard flooring, cleaned the bathrooms and dusted. DH went and got some more lumber yesterday afternoon. He has some more window casings in the shop to finish, so that is giving him something to do this weekend.  I'm also doing some  more work on my side job. I should be able to finish up tomorrow, I hope.

Our dogs seemed fascinated over on vacant lot #5 (2 lots down) the past couple of days. Figured it was deer poop. Were they rolling in it? No, apparently eating it! Good Lord. So, right at my feet last night older dog pukes up his dinner, along with a bunch of deer poop. So, now I gotta go outside with them to make sure they don't go down there and get into it. Always something.

While writing this out, I had to take a quick break and run into the town lumber store for DH. He needed 2 more 8 foot boards. Luckily he figured out quick enough he needed more because the store is only open until 1pm on Saturday and closed on Sundays. And my handy dandy car can haul an 8 foot board,  haha.


  1. Your husband cut that close, didn't he? And he can finish now. That eating deer poop and throwing it up would annoy me. Did the dog throw up outside or inside?

    1. Oh he threw up inside - on the carpet of course!