Tuesday, February 25, 2020

No wonder my hair is white

I've always done my mom's tax return since my dad passed on. It's a pretty easy one. She has her SS income, a little interest from her credit union savings and then she has her income from taking a draw on her retirement money. The past few years she has just taken copies of her 1099's and mailed them to me. I knew it was going to be a bit more challenging this year with her memory. She probably doesn't even really remember how to use her copier/printer anymore. But, I figured I could get her (several pages) tax document from her retirement/investment account online and I was. I was having a hard time getting her to find her SS and CU 1099's...that she would have received pretty recently. Finally, I took pictures of the ones I had from last year and she called me back and had found them. I don't think she had even opened them yet but then she saw on the outside envelope part "important tax documents". I just had her read off to me what was in the boxes for interest and income. I already have the payer addresses and TIN#'s from the prior years copies. It will probably take me about 15 minutes to do her tax return - it took me an hour to get her form info from her. I told her than to put them in a file folder and file them and once she gets moved over here we can put her tax return with it. I'll go over it all again when I can see her forms with my own eyes. Worse comes to worse, I'll just have to file an amended return if she didn't give me the correct info.

I also need to find out if she is on a "auto withdrawal" for her required annual distribution from her retirement account, or if she will need to request it. She doesn't need the money, but of course is required to take out the calculated amount every year, based on her balance and age. She doesn't even realize this anymore, when I mentioned it. She has like $27,000 in her credit union savings account. I have a feeling it's a good thing I know about it, because it probably won't be much longer that she forgets she even has that money there. $25k of it is in a CD, that I think I remember being a 5 year one, but I'll double check all that when I have closer access to her files again.

DH is feeling better (well, as good as he can feel) so I'm sure it was just the 3 days of installing the trim. He's now in the thinking stage of getting our shed/chicken coop built. We have a lot of leftover lumber from the house build and the lumber from the trees we had to cut down. We have a bunch of siding, shakes and roof shingles. Not to mention, getting all that extra building materials out of our garage and shop, will free up much needed space, which will help him start to organize all the other stuff. He will have to buy some lumber and he needs help building it (he realizes this at least, after how he felt doing the shop interior trim work last week). He contacted the guy that did our gutters. He lives in town and likes to do side jobs so he seemed eager to help out. Shouldn't take them more than a few days to at least get the frame up and sided. He still keeps in touch via texting with the nice guy that did our mason work. He lives about an hour north of us and has quite a bit of property and he has chickens. He texted DH they have chicks about ready to hatch...he's saving me three, haha!

What else?.........oh ya, today is payroll day. Yay.... NOT! Let's see if I can finally do a payroll without any problems.


  1. If you ever feel like renting your hubs out I could sure use a handyman! Must be wonderful to be married to a man who can actually do things!

    1. I would love to rent him out LOL. He is pretty handy (though a perfectionist, which can get annoying). My dad couldn't do anything handy. My mom used to change the car oil, haha.

    2. Haha! If you rent him out to Treaders, let's make it worthwhile while he is in Europe. I am next! Just a three hour long flight from her to me. Good food is guaranteed.

  2. I cannot wait until you have chickens and tell us all what they are doing.

  3. It is time for me to hunt down my aunt's tax stuff too - goodness! The most difficult with the memory issues. How exciting with your chicken coop/shed coming together though :) :) :)