Saturday, February 8, 2020

A big TGIF

If I have to deal with any more computer issues I'm going to bang my head through the wall! Good grief! All that accounting software issues from last week caused an issue with an app we use in conjunction with the accounting software. So I couldn't transfer our expense reports into it. I've been trying to figure it out for several days. Thursday I put in an "urgent" ticket with the expense app support one had gotten back to me yet. Then I tried to get our IT guy to help, which he was able to help part of the problem. While STILL waiting for the app support to call me I did some googling of the error message I was getting and I figured the darn thing out all on my own! Yay, but almost half a day with no work getting done again. GAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then, now that I can finally get back into the app program and take care of business, I notice another problem that is new, so I have to put in another ticket. At least on this one someone got back to me pretty quickly and was able to explain what happened and how to fix easily.

And as I'm on the phone with that support guy another call is coming in that I had to let go to voicemail. Turns out it was a lady from our IT company, working on my boss's request that they get me a new computer for home. My boss had suggested a laptop and docking station deal, like most everyone else has...I wasn't really digging that idea, but maybe it would be ok. Just didn't really seem necessary since I'm not traveling back and forth from my office desk to my home office desk, like others are. So, this lady asked me what I had now (tower computer) and my work situation and she said she thinks that's what I should have, not a laptop. I said I agree! She's just going to get me a small Dell desktop tower to replace the dell desktop computer I have now. It kind of sounds like it might be the same one I just bought DH when we had to replace his, LOL. Plus, just getting me a new desktop tower is cheaper than a laptop and docking station. Hopefully, it won't take too long to get this. She has to get my boss to sign off on the PO and then get it ordered and then ship it to me. She said she's going to add some monitor cables, just in case I need different than the ones I have for plugging into this new computer. Then she says "will you need help or instruction on how to hook up the computer? maybe you husband can help you?" I laughed and said no, he's useless with computers. I know how to hook up computers, LOL.

DH has been working on the pantry shelves all week. He's getting close. Just waiting for the second coat of stain to dry on the shelves. I think he may be cutting the trim boards while they are drying. He also got my 2 new roman shades installed in the dining room. They are the same exact ones we put in our bedroom. I'm just buying them as we have extra money and they are on sale. Still lots more window treatments to get.

I'm so glad it's the weekend. It was another busy hectic week and I'm ready for some relaxing time. I've hardly chatted with DD all week. She has had to work a whole bunch of OT this week, as well as work (from home) all day today. But, she's happy she will then have the money to buy the Dyson vacuum she wants.


  1. Computer problems can be so frustrating. I do think it is funny she assumed the husband would be of help hooking the computer up.

    1. I thought it was funny too - especially coming from another female. I just laughed and said I'm the computer person in my house.