Tuesday, September 19, 2023

More of the same

I guess I need to get caught up with my blog since it's now Tuesday and I last blogged Saturday. Nothing much has changed. I'm still feeling the same  - tired. And tired of it. DH is getting his energy back, so hopefully I am there too, soon.

Sunday, around 12:30, we went into the city and picked up groceries from Walmart. Got home, put them away and took a nap, of course. On the way home we stopped at Taco Time for a late lunch. For dinner dh just ended up making himself a sandwich later. I don't remember if I even had anything. A muffin, I think.

I spent Sunday morning saving copies of receipts to my computer that have HSA eligible items on them. Lots of OTC stuff is eligible and I just need to get them added to my HSA. I'm not going to reimburse myself, but having the receipts in the "vault" will ensure that at some point I can reimburse myself, tax free. This morning, with my hour I'm up before I start work, I added them to the HSA account. I also found a couple other receipts that needed to get added. So, far I'm at $235. I also need to just go through all the claims on our heath insurance plan and make sure I have captured everything and not missed any. 

I had yesterday off work. Originally scheduled off and a catch up on rest day, after I was supposed to drive back home from dd's Sunday. I decided to just keep it as a day off. DH needed to go get his concealed weapon permit renewed. He still renews it in the state he originally got it from, so we had to drive about 2 1/2 hours to get there. It ended up taking 3 hours, as we stopped for gas, a bathroom break and McDonalds drive through for breakfast. It didn't take too long to fill out the form (it's a 5 year license) and pay the $32 fee at the sheriff's office. This town we went to is literally blocks off the state border, LOL. We then decided to take a bit longer, more scenic route home, rather than the interstate. I was getting pretty tired by the drive home. We did stop at one larger city and got lunch at the drive thru at Burger King. When we got back to our town, we had to stop and fill back up with gas and we didn't gt home until 3:30 and we had left at 8am, so a long day in the car. I can't really sleep in a car much anymore, so as soon as we got home I took a nap. It was a nice sunny day and a pretty drive, though. Oh, and I just remembered it also took us longer to get home because he stopped at this place with hundreds of old trucks (ie rusted out junk, LOL) and ended up chatting with the guy for like a half hour.

I had asked dh why he doesn't get his permit in our state here and he said it's a few reasons. One, it has to be approved by the county sheriff every time. Two, you have to take a class (he's already done this), and third, our state isn't as reciprocal with as many states as the CWP license he has. So, every 5 years he'll have to make this little trip, haha.

I've also been going to bed about an hour earlier than usual. Doesn't seem to be helping. And I seem to end up waking up around midnight every night having a coughing fit. Then I'm fine the rest of the night. I supposed I should take some of the cough syrup I bought. I really despise taking cough syrup, but I probably should.

So, that's the boring update.


  1. Since my mom has gotten covid, she has a really hard time keeping her energy levels up - plus she has restless leg syndrome, so it can be tough. Just rest as you can, and take vitamins if possible. I hope you're not too over tired for much longer.

  2. I'm glad you're starting to feel a little better but the tiredness really is something isn't it. Another thing I noticed well after covid was not really being able to taste anything. I put so much salt and hot pepper on my food for a while it probably should have blown my brains out!

  3. Blogs that tell the truth are never boring in my opinion.
    And you are describing something a lot of us have been through. The post-Covid cough, oh my goodness my dh had it and I wondered if it would ever end!
    Coughing attacks that would wake him up. x