Friday, September 22, 2023

Happy Friday

It's raining again this morning. I don't mind. It's a nice break from the hot summer. I am glad it's Friday. Even with having Monday off, it has seemed like a long work week. I am not waking up coughing, so that is better. Still not at my normal energy - which wasn't high to begin with, LOL. 

Yesterday afternoon I ended up with a bad sinus headache. It even hurt my teeth to chew food. A sinus tablet helped and it seems to be gone now.  

The cat is just meowing and being annoying. He wants dh to get up, LOL. Finally, I just picked him up and tossed him outside. He can meow out to the rain for awhile (he won't be out in the rain, he will hang out under the covered front patio). He does the same thing almost every night when I go to bed. He's fine all evening, but apparently mad that I went to bed, so he wanders around the house meowing for a little while and then finally stops. Maybe he needs a buddy. Or we'd just end up with 2 meowing, haha.

I do not feel like working today. Oh well, gotta do it anyway.  

DD just sent a few pics of Westminster Abbey. She said over 17,000 walking steps in today, so far. She said she isn't really feeling any jet lag. They flew over at their night time. She said she slept a little on the plane, but not much (screaming 2 year old for most of the flight) and then by the time they got to London and to their hotel and dinner, it was evening and then they were ready to sleep last night.


  1. Another reason other than allergies as to why I don't have a cat in the house. Of course, I would probably have one that meowed outside my window. It sounds like your fall is in full swing with rain. My energy is down, too, after covid. At least my cough is gone.

    1. The cat we had for many years was mostly an outdoor cat who liked to be out at night (we lived where that wasn't an issue) so he would come in during the day and just sleep, LOL.