Monday, September 11, 2023

Back to work, I hope

Yesterday was a little more improvement. I'm still getting hit with coughing fits, but not as often. I did manage to get the new sheets on the bed. And then promptly crawled in and took a nap. The new sheets are nice and soft, but I doubt they will last a long time, but we'll see.

DH was also feeling better yesterday but when I got up this morning he said now his throat is hurting. I'm sure this is going to be a long recovery period for him.

My mom called again after dinner last night, so I was finally able to answer and feel like chatting. She's doing well, though still thinks she is staying somewhere for awhile and this time she's not going home for about a week, LOL. But, it was nice to chat with her.

I need to make myself walk down to the mailbox this morning to mail my signed propane winter contract.  

I logged back into our payroll system this morning and thankfully it all looks normal now. That was so strange yesterday, but I am relieved it's all looks ok now. Though I am still pounding my head on the desk with our hourly people. They are supposed to take at least a half hour lunch. There are times they just don't end up taking a lunch, but they are supposed to add a note to that day letting me know they did not take a break, so that I know that is the case and not that they did take a lunch and just forgot to clock out and back in. My boss has reminded them all several times of this, yet it still keeps happening.

I had wanted to sleep in as long as possible this morning, before I get up to start work. The cat decided I should be awake at 6:30. Meowing and making a bunch of noise. I finally got up and shut our bedroom door to try to go back to sleep and then of course I started coughing after getting up. So, no extra sleep. And of course, after I'm up and sitting at my desk he's all lovey dovey.

DD and her dh are getting excited about their upcoming trip to Scotland. She said she will send me their travel itinerary, just so we have it, though of course she will likely be messaging us and sending pictures during the trip. I think they will be gone for 2 weeks and also spending part of the trip in England.

I've lost track of time, but I think it's been at least a month now since we last saw DAN here at his property. Two of his 3 pieces of equipment are still sitting parked on one of the lots. I would say he's not been busy doing construction/land clearing jobs for anyone or he'd be needing this equipment you'd think. I wonder if he plans to leave them sitting here all winter, covered in snow?

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