Monday, September 25, 2023

Energy returning

I think I'm getting back to my pre-Covid energy level. Dh decided to mow the lawn around 3:45pm yesterday afternoon, so I said while you have the garden shed open, get out my chicken coop cleaning stuff and I'll clean the coop. So, I got that done. It only takes me about 15 or 20 minutes. Once that was done I came inside to get off the dusty chicken poop dust clothes and decided to take a bath. I knew dh was going to be at least a couple hours, so I had lots of time before I need to make dinner. Right as I start to fill up the tub I see a big old stink bug on the side of the tub. No, I am not taking a bath with you! (got rid of it LOL) It's fall, it's stink bug season. They are starting to be everywhere.

After that I still had some energy and have been wanting some tapioca pudding, but I haven't felt like standing at the stove for 15 or 20 minutes to make it. I got that made and then went and read for about an hour, waiting for dh to come in, so I could make dinner. Since it was 7pm. I just did a quick and easy skillet pasta meal with some garlic bread. I had some tapioca for breakfast with my coffee this morning. Yum.

I'm even managing to stay up until 9, instead of 8:30. I'm not going to push it to 9:30 yet. 

My mom's place hasn't notified of any more Covid cases, so that's good. I've been talking to her almost every day. Just gotta hope it doesn't spread much there and that having the boosters will help.

I must have slept on my hip wrong. My right hip is totally hurting this morning to walk. Ugh. I think I might have to get my heating pad out and try that while I'm sitting here at my desk. Reminds me of a meme I saw recently about it sucks getting old, you go to bed and wake up injured, LOL.

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