Sunday, September 10, 2023

Coughing, preparedness and Twilight Zone

Yesterday was another coughing day. I did actually do a little bit yesterday. I had ordered a new set of sheets for our bed that came last week and I got those washed. Maybe today I'll actually feel like changing sheets. I got the dishes in the sink into the dishwasher and this morning I turned it on. Such an accomplishment, LOL. Yesterday I also managed to make dh an egg sandwich for breakfast and made us grilled cheese for dinner.

I coughed the first hour I went to bed last night but then settled down and slept really good again all night, so at least there is that positive. DH just can't seem to shake the bad headache and of course is still super tired all the time.

This morning I'm having my first cup of coffee in a week. I used to have things on hand like sore throat lozenges, cough syrup, stuff like that. That was years ago, when the kids were younger and between the 4 of us, we'd need something at times. But as the years went by, the left home and dh and I hardly ever get a cold or flu, I don't have any of that stuff. I remember throwing out a whole bunch of long expired stuff during our move/packing. 

I'd get texts saying take this or that. Honey...nope don't have any. Zinc....nope don't have any...The list goes on. I guess I'll make a list and get a few things again to have on hand, just in case. Someone commented yesterday about Delsym cough syrup and I agree, that has always worked best for me, too. And it really wouldn't have done much good for me to order this stuff for now - there is rarely anything that arrives in the 2-3 days shipping "promised". Not here. It's usually 4 days now, sometimes even 5. 

When dh got sick I immediately ordered a few things. The sinus headache med was working, but one box was lasting like 2 days when taking every 4 hours, so we definitely needed more. I also ordered a pulse oximeter to have on hand. It came. It doesn't work. We even tried another set of batteries, so now I have to return that. Fortunately we have plenty of tylenol and advil. One of the things I ordered awhile back from my mom's insurance OTC benefit was a digital thermometer and we've gotten lots of use out of that (though I do also have a very old ear type thermometer that still works).

OMG - I just logged into work to do a couple tasks related to payroll processing that I have to do on Tuesday. I'm feeling like I'm in the twilight zone! I logged into our payroll system and it's looking totally bizarre. I'm scrolling through each employee's "timecard" and it's not even scrolling in alphabetical order. It's just going along in order and then suddenly not. It has never done that before. Then I choose "hourly" from the drop down menu to look at our 10 or so hourly people's timecards and almost every single one looks the same - every day for each person is showing PTO, not actual clocked/worked hours worked. WHAT IN THE HELL?!! None of them took the whole pay period off as PTO, that's for sure, let alone all of them? I'm so confused. I even tried logging out and back in. I have no idea what the heck is going on. If it still looks like that in the morning I guess I will be calling our payroll company to ask what the world is going on? So much for trying to get a little bit of work done and be prepared. Geez.


  1. So do you think COVID is like the flu? My biggest concern is passing it on to some one with fragile health or an elderly person - sometimes something like this is just too much for their bodies. We did lose our 44-year old neighbor to COVID about a year ago - both she & her husband got it - both ended up in ICU, and then he recovered, she never did & died 6 months later. Left 2 young kids, which made me so sad.
    Glad to hear you are both on the mend. Hang in there.

    1. I haven't had the flu much and my experience seems to have been with stomach flu - throwing up and diarrhea. For me, this Covid has been like a combination of a really bad cold and strep throat at the same time. It's all been upper respiratory.

    2. I know my family who has gotten it says it is worse than the flu, mostly because quite a few of them have gotten long term effects. I know my grandma couldnt taste for about a year, and my mother was unable to run like she used to for about 3 months (before covid she could run 5 miles, i think she is still trying to work back to that and it has been a year)

    3. it sure seems to manifest itself differently. My dh and my symptoms aren't the same.