Saturday, September 9, 2023

A good night sleep

I'm sorry I'm not responding to comments - I just don't have the energy for both a new post and making comments, yet.

As soon as my sore throat went away, I got a bad cough. Yesterday turned into full on coughing day. Exhausting, plus I hadn't gotten any sleep the previous nights with the RLS. I went to bed last night fully expecting to spend it coughing and with restless legs. I had neither and slept so good. I have coughed some now that's I'm up, but I'm hoping today will be a better day.

DH is still having a rough time. Just can't shake the bad headache or tiredness. He didn't get the sore throat or coughing, but is more congested then I am. But, with his immune system and other health issues I know he will take longer to recover than the average person.

With more cases going around, from what I hear, I hope it doesn't get into where my mom lives, but it likely will. Even though the memory care part is smaller, the rest of the place (assisted and independent living) is huge, so I'm surprised they haven't notified of new cases. She has had all the boosters though, so hopefully that will help. I had ordered some more at home Covid test kits, right after we tested Dh. So that we'd have some to take later to make sure we were negative. Last night, in my brain clearing up some I realized they never came. I look up my Amazon order and the date was like 9/20. That's ridiculous, so I canceled the order and have now ordered some from Walmart to ship and they are supposed to be here Wednesday. 

DD and her dh have been trying to do some hikes in their area every Saturday morning and she will send a few pictures. They get out so early in the morning that they find they are missing the crowd, so it's been really nice. This mornings hike was 2.5 miles up to a beautiful lookout area. Good for them for getting themselves out and active.


  1. We took Betadine (it is in a blue bottle) for our throats/coughs. Lots of liquids and rest. By next week, you both most likely will test negative - DH before you possibly, because he was positive before you. You guys don't go out as much as it is too. I am still wearing my mask and will keep doing so I think.

  2. Covid here, too. Once I did not wear a mask!

  3. I took Delsym for cough and it worked well too. I had it a month ago and am still a little congested and have fatigue. Hang in there. Joyce

  4. Don't worry about commenting until you feel like it.
    I thought I might be coming down with it too last week but it seems to be just a summer cold.
    In the UK we are having very warm and humid weather at the moment with some dramatic thunderstorms and I for one am wilting!