Friday, September 8, 2023

Checking in

Hello - I'm still here. Still sick and not enjoying this picnic too much. Day 2 wasn't as bad as day 1, but then Tuesday night I got a terrible sore throat, along with RLS. I honestly don't know which felt worse, as I could not sleep at all. I haven't slept much at night since then. The sore throat is now abated some, at least it's not hurting unless I cough. When it was hurting in the beginning and I'd cough it would feel like my throat was being ripped apart. I've also lost my voice.

Dh is a little better. He's eating more regular foods and not sleeping as much during the day, but is still pretty wiped out.  All's I've been able to eat since the sore throat is ice cream and yogurt for the most part. The ice cream was very soothing, though I was really wishing for some popscicles.

Mid day Tuesday I was checking my work emails via my phone (normally because I just like to delete out the junk) and see terrible news. My boss lost her husband over the weekend from an accident. OMG. Of course she's going to be out for a few weeks, at least. I need to get back to work. I worked a tiny bit (less than an hour total) yesterday and am working what I can today. I'm just heartbroken for my boss. 

I'm managing to get a little more work done this morning. Yesterday I only handled the things that were a must. This morning I am getting some tasks done and clearing off my emails bit by bit.

My mom has tried to call. She tried twice yesterday after dinner. She will call and leave a voicemail and 5 minutes later call again and leave a similar voicemail. Yesterday's voicemails were confusion time as she told me she was going back home tomorrow. The 2nd voicemail said she's been out and about for a few days, so wanted to give me a call. After the first call I messaged dd and asked her to call  and chat with her. Before she could call my mom called me the 2nd time. DD then called and chatted almost 15 minutes with her. She was apparently thinking she was at a casino. She said she was going home tomorrow and going to find her car out in the parking lot. DD said you should stay an extra day and do some more gambling! LOL. I'm feeling bad that I can't answer her calls, but I don't have a voice above a whisper still.

Well, I got 90 minutes in with work - time to go back to bed. Yesterday after I worked a bit in the morning and went back to bed I slept a really good 3 hours.


  1. GAH! What a lousy week for you. I am sorry. I was going to email you if you didn't post. Be gentle with yourself as you recover.

  2. I guessed that you weren't doing great when I saw no posts from you. Hopefully, you will rest more during the weekend and get back to 100% soon. So sorry for your boss' loss. Sending you healing vibes.

  3. Covid sucks! My dh and I are both just getting over it. He had a fever for 4 days and awful body aches. I had the sore throat--just like you--and had a fever for 2 days. We are now just blowing a lot of snot and coughing a bit. But, whew! We're done! We had omicron 2 years ago and it wasn't bad at all. This one was waaaayy worse. Glad you and your dh are on the mend!

  4. So sorry you are still feeling so crummy. I had temp for about five days and did not set foot in kitchen, just from bed to chair to bathroom. Tommy could not hear me at all unless the tv was muted and he strained to hear me. And, I was taking Paxlovid from day 2. I was barely feeling better when I had to wait on him hand and foot. I had to drive to get his med since I felt much better than he did by that time. And, I still felt shaky and horrible.
    I am glad you did not schedule company.
    Your mother is having more fun than you are. I suppose your daughter will understand what to do for another person with demential.
    That is too bad about your boss's husband.

  5. That's terrible news about your boss's husband. I hope she'll be ok.
    Don't pressure yourself. You need to recover first.:)

  6. What terrible news to see in your email. So sad.
    Your dd should have asked if grandma won any money. Lol Funny that she suggested to stay an additional day.
    Sorry you are still feeling so crappy. As someone who has lived with serere RLS for 30 years, I've often said that, while it won't kill you, there are nights (and days) that you wish it would. It truly sucks. Hopefully, it will go away once you recover from the 'rona.