Thursday, September 21, 2023

A little improvement

After I kicked the annoying cat out of our bedroom at 6 this morning, I fell back asleep until 7:30. At least I didn't cough last night, so that was an improvement (and I didn't take cough syrup). By the time I was done working yesterday, I don't think I felt quite as tired.

I was just looking at dd's itinerary and they are due to arrive in London in about an hour or so, but of course it will be like 4:30pm there.

It's raining here this morning with some fog hanging around the tops of the mountains.

I've gotten my mom's memory care expenses for this year logged in a spreadsheet, so that I will have the total cost when I do her taxes in January/Feb. I also need to log into her health insurance to get her prescriptions costs each month so far. Then at least, I will be caught up for the year and only have a few more months to add. From everything I have read on it, her memory care costs are fully tax deductible medical expense because she needs it for her daily living. So, she should end up with a very large federal and state tax refund for this year. I'm just going to have her RMD left set at the tax rate they've had her at, so then just gives me an extra cushion added to her checking account, when she gets the refunds. Right now, with her level of care, her cost is just under $8000 a month. With the big refund, I want to be ready to file her tax return as early as possible. The remaining few months left of this year will go by fast. It always seems to with the holidays.

Well, by the time I finished this post an hour has past and dh just messaged us they just got landed. 

I need some breakfast and get back to working.



  1. While $8000 is a ton of money, it doesn't seem out of line with the level of care your mom is receiving. I honestly thought it would be more. My momma was in a nursing home the last year and a half or so of her life and the bill was over $6000 per month. Maybe closer to $6500.

    In response to the OTC receipts you've been compiling - why are you waiting to reimburse yourself? If you've done the work, doesn't it make sense to get the money? Do you have a better rate of return on keeping the money in that account than if you deposited it somewhere else?

    Glad you're feeling better.

    1. My HSA balance is invested similar to a 401k type of thing, so yes, I think it earns more. The way I'm understanding using an HSA to the best of it's potential, is to cover as much as you can out of pocket, so that the funds can earn and compound the earnings over the years.

  2. My cough finally went away, too. I was tired of peeing every cough session!

  3. Your dh and sil will have rain here too but tomorrow and Sunday are expected to improve.
    I hope they have a lovely time.
    Good news about the cough.

    1. her first picture was of Trafalgar Square with rain and umbrellas and said "look, it's just like home" LOL.