Saturday, September 2, 2023

Day 4

So far so good, I am still not sick. Dh's temp last night and this morning is down a bit, to 99.4 so that's good. It had been like 101 at first, then down to like 100.4 the next day. He's still feeling the crappy same, otherwise. He's mostly in bed sleeping. He did eat a bit more yesterday. He had an egg sandwich around lunchtime and at 9pm last night asked for some soup. 

I was glad to be done with work yesterday around 12:30 and now off until next Thursday. I did have a quick phone chat with my boss just before we were done for the day. We've been having my assistant guy work on some stuff for another dept, with not much from me right now. But, she's again having a hard time knowing if he's really working the whole time or not. The prior Friday she asked me if he had been doing anything for me and I said no, other than just a couple of quick tasks I gave him and I assumed he was working on stuff for the other dept to keep him busy. She asked him to let her know what he had been working on/was working on. He told her this report for me.....this was at the end of the day friday before last. So, then Monday I'm like...ya, I don't think so...I thought he was done with that report like a week I looked up the date stamps on all the invoices he entered and he was done with it and hadn't entered anything new. She had a phone meeting with him on Monday to ask what he's bee working on for the other dept and also asked him about the report he said he was working on for me and he said oh ya, I was done with it, except for a few that needed to get entered.

As we were talking I looked up the transaction history and told her he did not enter anything for that report this past week or even the week before (he had completed it). He has been working on stuff for the other dept, but it's hard for her to know how long it should take him. She's asked the other dept to cc her on any work they are giving him. But, she also sounds like she is kind of ready to just let him go as she's not having confidence that he's working the hours he says he is. I have on idea what he is working on for the other dept or if they have a way to track/know how long it should take him. I would assume so.

My original plans for my time off was to go back to see my mom again next Wednesday and pick up some more groceries, but I won't be going to see her until I know I am past dh being sick and me not being sick. But, if I am still not sick I may go in Wednesday to at least pick up a grocery order. Dh is going through all the Gatorade I normally buy at 3x the usual rate. I won't even get out of the car. I'll just let them put it in the back and then after they are done I can get out and put anything that needs to go into the cooler and head back home. 

After sleeping on this bed upstairs, we need a new mattress LOL. It's old and this will be the next thing on my list to save up for here in the near future. I know where we bought it, but I apparently cut the tag off that shows even what brand it is. There's nothing even stamped on it. We bought 2 queen sized mattresses at this store, but at different times. The first one was in 2016, when we moved over here. The second was after we moved into this house. I'm not sure which one got put on which bed, either. But, I think the one I've been sleeping on, with no tag, is the most comfortable. I sent an email to the store to see if they have records on their computer as to which mattress it is.

Well, time to get some chores done. I'm not trying to do too much, so I'm not making a racket while dh is trying to sleep.


  1. I wonder how many people who work at home are pulling the same shenanigans as this guy is. You have a very patient boss. I worked with a woman who milked the system. We worked in the schools and reported our hours. She would pull up in the parking lot at 6 am and read until 8, then reported her time in at 6. I never milk the system.
    It is good you are careful with not spreading covid.

  2. I hope your DH gets better soon. My American bestie also got COVID. She is having a mild case. I need to buy a mattress next year. It is one of the toughest purchase in my opinion.

  3. It really isn't good enough that your boss can't get a straight "work done" schedule from this young man.
    There are some people who seem to have no conscience and will try to get away with doing the least possible amount of work.
    Working from home makes it hard to keep tabs on him.
    Mind you, he'd probably behave the same way within an office setting!