Thursday, July 27, 2023

What is it?!

My decor item from Pottery Barn arrived via UPS. Our UPS guy (they aren't going on strike, btw) texted dh that he was 2 minutes out. DH says what's UPS bringing and I just say "decor". He goes out to get the package and chat with driver. He comes back in, and from my office upstairs, I hear him unboxing it. Then I hear him muttering "ok...whatever...". I'm thinking to myself, it can't be that bad! It looked cute online!

I go downstairs and see this on the counter

I just start laughing so hard. DH is like what? What is it? In between my laughing hysterically I say this is what you got out of it?!

I pick it up and turn it over

We both had a good laugh out of it. I still haven't decided where exactly it will go yet. It is a bit larger than I pictured it would be, but I'll try it out in different spots to see.

Yesterday afternoon I got a call from one of the med techs at mom's memory care, saying she had been complaining of abdominal pain and they had given her some tylenol and after lunch she was still saying her stomach hurt, so they looked at her stomach area and did I know she has an umbilical hernia? I said yes she's had it quite a few years, her doctor (and previous doctor) have checked it out and always say it's fine and don't need to do anything about it, it has never bothered her. Med tech said she hadn't seen it before, so she had the m/c coordinator look at it, who knew she has it, and she thought it looks bigger....I said ok, I'll call her doctor's office (this is the doctor that goes and sees the residents at m/c) to have her come take a look at it. Well, apparently the doctor isn't available until next week....if it's an emergency she'll have to go to ER. So, I call back med tech and get voicemail and leave a message. I didn't get a call back and figured it must not be too serious of a stomach ache, or it cleared up, because they didn't call me back. I'm going to call in a little bit, after breakfast is over for them, and check in to see how she's doing.

Dh got his tailgate and canopy seal he ordered put on the pickup, so hopefully that will stop the dust (and water from rain) getting inside the canopy. He's going to also add some silicone, but needs to go get that in town, so I said we need to also refill his prescription in the next week, so we'll pick that up, too, to combine the trip. And while in town, might as well stop at the grocery store for some milk. DH has decided to eat cereal for breakfast this week, instead of an egg sandwich, so he's used more milk than I normally go through. 

Today is my dd and sil's 4th wedding anniversary. Those two sure make us happy and proud. I also love how all 4 of us stay in contact on a regular basis. We have a group messenger chat that we all participate in all the time. Last nights message was a video from dd showing her dog dropping his kong treat ball down their stairs, hoping that would shake out the treat. SIL messages things often, too, as do both dh and I. While dd and I constantly message each other all day, in a separate chat LOL, the group chat is a nice way to keep us all connected.

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  1. His mistake is sooo funny. But, it is cute.
    I hope your mother is okay.