Thursday, July 6, 2023

I'm glad it's Thursday and not the Tuesday it feels like

Over the long weekend I was all done or caught up watching the shows I was in to. Got done with The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Finished the last episode of Silo's season 1 on Appletv. Now what? But yesterday I got a notification that season 2 of The Lincoln Lawyer on Netflix is starting today. What good shows are you watching?

Our new friends who came over for the day, a month ago, are coming back weekend after next. They want to show us this museum they have been to before, up north of us, about 100 miles, so definitely an all day trip. I'm guessing they will spend the night at our house on Saturday, then. I don't have all the details yet, dh and him just started planning it yesterday. and they're guys...they don't care about details, LOL.

Oh, and Monday while I was in the city - ya, I totally forgot about closing that Wells Fargo checking account. I remembered when I was driving by it...but I didn't have the account info with me and just decided I'll transfer the money out and then call and close it next week. I need to wait until the next statement runs on the 7th, so I don't incur any bank fee. I'm sure they could have found my account from my name and social security #, but I didn't feel like spending a half hour in there. Plus I really didn't want the cash from it, because then I'd have to go over to my bank and deposit it. Just too much work, LOL.

We've seen very little of Mr&Mrs Neighbor since their son and family left last Saturday. Usually outside mowing and yard work. Or they're coming and going during the day and their dogs bark. Or at least get the dogs out of the kennel to the front yard to play fetch. Dh said they are probably trying to recover after 3 weeks of 6 guests and one dog, LOL. Plus, their lawn, which normally looks so green and lush  and perfect, sure isn't looking too good. They pay a lawn service to treat their lawn, so this surprises me.

I just walked to the mailbox and put our property tax appeal paperwork in the mail. I was researching neaby homes/property. So, the guy down the road (our next nearest neighbor to our neighborhood), while not on the river, he's across the street from it, up on a bit of a hill. Has a fabulous view of the river (better than our view) and his land value only went up $2. That's not a typo. Two dollars. Our property more than doubled. Makes no sense whatsoever. There is a large neighborhood of homes on the river about 3 miles from us. Most all the lost are just under an acre, lower bank river property. So, basically these lots are extremely comparable to each other, right? You go along looking at each's land value (not building, because there are many different homes, some nice, some not so nice) and they're increasing around 64% and then one of the parcels right in between all of them increases 6%. Then back to the average 64% increase and then 3 that actually went down 25%. One guy owns 3 lots, all same size next to each other. Two increased and one went down.

I just about gave myself a heart attack. I went to get my wallet out of my purse and it wasn't there. Oh no, did I leave it at the last store I was at on Monday? Think last stop was for the fruit at the grocery store. I usually just carry my wallet in, not my whole purse. I know I had it to pay, obviously, and I only had a few things so I didn't have a cart that I might have left it in. Ok, I must have just left it in my car, so I just ran down the stairs to check and sure enough, it's laying on the passenger seat. Whew!

Now, I'm trying to place an online order with Walmart (dh ran out of shaving cream) and I added a few things to get over the $35 free shipping minimum and can't get my dang order to go through. It keeps saying an error occurred, try again in a few minutes. Annoying. I've tried like 6 times. 

And as I'm trying to get this order to submit, suddenly it now shows it's below the $35 min order by .54 cents. I see a little notification "one of our items just had a price drop" Good lord. Just let me put my order in. Now I have to find something else to get it over $35. Finally, now my order went through. 

I'm having a bit of a frustrating day. Work wise, too.


  1. Those property value discrepancies are insane. What was the person on who made these decisions.
    I have often been on the verge of a heart attack when misplacing my wallet like that. That stays with me for a while!
    I imagine the people next door are off their feet, trying to recover. I would be.
    I ordered Tommy a dozen cans of shaving cream from Amazon. I was tired of him running out. Now, I think he shaves about every three or four days, so he may have this forever.
    We don't watch any series.

    1. No clue who made these assessments, other than people from the Dept of Revenue. I think my dh only shaves every few days, too, but usually he's good about letting me know when he's low on stuff. This time I got 2 cans, so when he's done with the first he can set it on my counter and I'll know to order more, while he still has 2nd can to use.

  2. I was pleased to see The Lincoln Lawyer is back again (he is so sexy!!!!). At the moment I'm watching Monk - which is good (and very old) but it's not something you could binge on (in my opinion) as it would be like watching 52 episodes of Miss Marple one after the other (although I believe Monk was based on the original quirks of Sherlock Holmes). Still, it's nice to have something to watch at 11 pm! Oh and I'm glad you found your wallet. I'd be in real trouble if I lost mine - passport, green card etc.! It doesn't bear thinking about!

    1. I've never watched Monk either. Later I realized my wallet also had almost $300 in it! It's the cash I got out at the end of May to go to the big flea market when our friends visited but I never bought anything.

  3. Do you have Amazon Prime? Or just Netflix? Jury Duty on Amazon Prime is very funny (only one season).

    1. I also have Prime (which is what I just watched The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on). I'll check out Jury Duty, I haven't heard of that one before.