Monday, July 24, 2023

Sunset delight

So, I tried the steam mop as a hand held with an attachment to try to clean our porcelain tile shower walls and grout. It's hard to tell when it's wet, because then it looks great, LOL. I decided to do a partial area. I did the wall under the in wall shelf where dh has his soap and shampoo and the bench seat built in the corner. The top of it looks like hardened water spots the most. Well, the wall under dh's shelf ended up looking worse! How is that? LOL. It looked like dried soap was all run down the wall after I was done and let it dry to see how it looked. The top of the seat area didn't look any better, either. So, if hot steam won't clean it, what in the world will? It's all starting to look like it has a hazy film on it, which is why I want to clean it up.

With the little bit of smoky skies we are getting, last nights sunset was a beauty. Dh got a few pictures. It wasn't until after he looked at this one zoomed in a little, that he realized a bald eagle is sitting on top of the old snag tree down near the river's bank......the one I asked him to cut down because the tree always is right in the middle of me trying to take a picture of the river from our patio, LOL. Ok, keep the tree! (the eagle is about mid picture, just above the grass line, if you zoom in)

With the big eagles nest getting blown down last year, we have wondered if they have rebuilt somewhere nearby. I have been opening my office window lately, during the day, and I do hear them a lot and it sounds fairly close, so they are hanging out nearby. Just no clue where they are nesting now.  A week or so ago, I kept seeing 2 oprey's sitting on the dead tree. I think it must be a good fishing spot for the birds.

My uncle called last night at like 8pm. I was outside watering my flowers, so I missed the call. It's one of those short messages where I can tell he wants something, otherwise he would just say "oh hi, just checking in." I'm never in the mood to talk on the phone that late in the evenings, so I'll give him a call later this morning and see what he wants. I do see from my mom's landline call log he did call her a little before 7pm and talked a few minutes, so maybe it's just about that. She did call me yesterday just after lunch and said nothing about her parents, so that was good. Other than when I answered she said "are you done eating dinner?" She seems to get the meals mixed up a lot now, but I do think she knew it was just after a mealtime.

The cat was being kind of crabby yesterday, LOL. He was in a mood and spent a good hour or more up on the door ledge. Probably because earlier, our friend with the puppy stopped by and he was annoyed.

                                                      "is that stupid black puppy gone, yet?"

I had one of those naps yesterday where I could not wake up. I was even dreaming that I was trying to wake up, but couldn't get my eyes to stay open. Dinner last night was homemade pizza. I don't know why it didn't taste as good to me, but I think I got it too cheesy. I got the guest bedroom bed remade. No plans for any guests in the near future, which is ok, haha.

It appears all of my recent orders on Amazon, the past few days, have shipped out USPS instead of UPS. I'm assuming in anticipation of a strike. At least we finally have our postal carrier convinced it's ok to leave our packages at the gate, if they don't fit in our mailbox. Mostly, I'm waiting for the garden hose fitting, so I can use my watering wand again without needing dh to stand at the hydrant and turn it off and on, LOL. It's supposed to be here on Wednesday. The other thing I ordered was a bag of Harvest Delight chicken scratch treat. Dh likes to give the chickens that and of course doesn't tell me I'm getting low until the bag is empty. He also had me order some stuff to seal the tailgate and canopy door on the pickup. It's obviously got some holes, as after driving through the dusty forest service roads, the inside of the back of the pickup (inside canopy) was full of dust and dirt. Hopefully this will help fix that issue. 

I did finally find something to order with my $89 Pottery Barn rewards. It should be here this week and then I'll share a picture of it. It did end up costing me about $10 out of pocket, plus shipping. I hate paying shipping, LOL.  

I just got notification that the hose fittings are in today's mail. Yay! I can water like normal tonight! Well, hopefully.  Hopefully what we ordered will work.

I just opened my office window. It's noisy outside! So many different birds making all kinds of noise. Ravens cawing, chirping/singing birds, and now I hear a chicken bawking - must be egg laying time!


  1. I cannot see a bird of any sort! Hopefully, the bald eagles come back where you can see them again on a nest. If your uncle called your mother late, he may have, as usual caught her not herself...well, as much as possible.
    That would be nice to me to be able to open the window and hear birds.
    How does Amos get up so high? He must be quite a jumper.

    1. I had to open the picture in my picture viewer and zoom in quite a bit to see the eagle sitting on top. There is a wood carved bear on the side of the front door that is about half the height of the door. He gets up on the bears head and jumps the rest of the way. I'm hoping the call is just him worrying about my mom, though there's nothing that can be done about is what it is.

  2. I must admit I couldn't see the eagle - but how lovely for you to have wildlife so close by!