Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Off Market

So...yesterday DAN's listing for his house, the one that he's been trying to sell for almost 2 years now went off the market....OOOHH! So many possibilities as to what is going on....it could be they are changing realtors, so it's going to get relisted (most likely), or we've seen lots of homes be for sale for awhile and unlist and then relist again soon, just so it doesn't look like they've been on the market forever (even though if you scroll down to the history, it shows it) and it shows in "newest" listings. Or they've given up on this plan of selling it and building here? Well, one can hope! HA! He still has the sanican there and also now has both is pieces of construction equipment parked in the back of the property, between some trees. He hasn't done any work in a week and a half, since he mowed down the tall grass. DH said it's really stupid to let that equipment set out like that - the packrats will be into them, eating wires, in no time. When we had the guy here with his equipment doing clearing he had to leave it overnight and the next day had to deal with a wire getting chewed through.

My uncle is just worrying about whether he should make a trip to see my mom. He mentioned it last summer, or even the spring before it. I can't remember now, it's been awhile. While in good health, he is almost 80 himself. It's either a 2 stop flight or like a 9 hour drive. I guess after he talked to her Sunday evening, he said she was really out of it, it wasn't like she really even knew what was going on. I told him that when I was there last Thursday she was fixated on calling her parents and he said yes, that's what she kept talking about and didn't seem to know who he was. 

I guess he feels some guilt that he should try to see her one last time before she's gone (or he is) but he also said he knows it would upset him a lot to see her like that and he feels like he wants to remember her as the sister he's known his whole life. I said I understand and it's really ok if he doesn't come see her. He said he even asked a therapist about it. I told him he hasn't seen her in a little over 3 years now and it would probably be a big change to him, whereas I've been seeing it gradually over that time. I said it's likely she won't recognize him (or she'll fake it) and she definitely will forget he was there as soon as we leave.

It's going to be like 20-25 degrees cooler today. DH decided he will mow today, while it's a nice cool temperature out. The new hose fitting with the on/off lever worked great and I'm back in business with my watering wand. This one seems more heavy duty, too, so hopefully it will last awhile. It came in a 2 pack ($8 per fitting) so if my other new wand I just got breaks eventually, we'll have a replacement for it.

Someone drowned in the river on Sunday and they are still looking for the body. People just need to be more careful....or less drunk...who knows. It'll probably be a week or two before the body is found, but it always creeps me out to watch the river when I know there is a body they are looking for.

Trying to keep my assistant guy busy. Once he finally got his head on straight about working, he's awesome. Too awesome, LOL. My boss has been having to try to find other stuff, for other people, for him to help. Most of last week he worked on another project for someone, so that was helpful and then by the time he was done with that last Friday, I was able to keep him busy Friday and yesterday with new work that came in last week. This morning I got my boss to scan all the commission checks and reports she had to deposit, so I'm giving him that to work on today and should take him most of the day and then she said he is off the rest of the week. Thank goodness, haha. Part of the problem is, originally my boss had planned that the person she hired could help me with financial tasks, but then she changed her mind on giving them access to our accounting software, so it really limits what I can give him to work on.


  1. He will be annoyed if he has to repair the equipment to get it out of there. Do they not chew the wires on your vehicles?
    It's too bad that the siblings are separated so and he cannot see her as she was.
    Tommy said that most of the drowned fishermen are found with their fly open. I guess they stand up to release the beer and fall in.

    1. We don't leave anything parked outside. Mr and Mrs used to have an old pick up they used for going to dump, etc and parked it outside. At least once a year he had to have the wiring fixed, even with a trap under the truck.

  2. I'm sure that's what happened, too and most likely they will be relisting it

  3. that is a fabulous idea! I will check with my uncle to see what he has to available to do this with her.

  4. it's a law in Montana that the sale prices are not public info. I had to sign a non disclosure statement that in getting this info from the state I would only use for personal use info. I agree, comps should at least be in our area, not 200 miles, 2 counties away. I like your idea of getting a list together/pics of other home undervalued compared to ours....starting with our immediate neighbors!