Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Blinded by the light

I watched our work meeting via Teams yesterday. Glad I didn't make a trip for it in person. That would have been a lot of time for a 90 minute meeting that really wasn't that big of deal. I see no one from our satellite office made the trip either and neither did 2 of our other out of state remote employees. Sales are down 35%, so not good news at all. It's an economy issue, not a company issue. Commercial building projects and TI's are down, so our sales related to them are down. While our sales are down 35%, the sales we have made have been at higher margins then last year, so our income itself is only down 16%, so not super bad, in that regard.

Today I'm doing payroll, so that will keep me busy a good part of the day. Apparently the lady who handles our account with the payroll company we use is out on maternity leave - you'd think that would be something she'd tell her clients was happening and info on who is handling her work while she's out....

I made a little list of things to look up on Amazon Prime day today, but none of it is on sale. One thing is at only like 15% off. It was a wish, not a need, so I'll pass.  

Still waiting on my state income tax rebate. 

The dark towel trying to cover the patio door window doesn't help. It actually seems like the light is now worse/brighter the last couple of nights, unless we are imagining it! Now the whole outside corner of our house (where bedroom is) is lit up and flashing, where before it seemed like it was just more a concentrated small amount of flashing light on the pillow (which it still is, but now seems extended, more spread out.) The FCC regulates cell towers. Dh drove over to the cell tower to see if he could get any #'s from it. Well, sure, they have an info sign on a fence at the bottom of it....but there's another fence at the road, 50 feet back, so you can't read the sign. Dh tried to zoom in with his camera on his phone and took a few pics, but of course even trying to see them on our computer screen, it blurs out when you enlarge. He was able to make out some of the #'s and did a google search with those numbers and got lucky and found some info on who owns the cell tower and a ph# so he was able to call and talk to someone. They said they will check into it and call him back. The company that now owns it (I guess they are new owners of it) is out of Texas or somewhere, not local. DH said ok, so I don't need to call the FCC, then? They said no, sir, please don't do that. We will look into it.

According to what dh has been able to research, during the day cell towers flash the white light, but at night it's supposed to change to a red flashing light, which is what this cell tower has always done, up until the past 2-3 weeks. No clue why it changed. Maybe it's something as simple as the red light burned out, so the white light stays on 24/7 now. 

Nothing new going on this week at DAN's next door. He seems to do something for a day or two, then nothing for a week or more, then does something for a day or two. Not quite the schedule you want to get something built, LOL.

Also wondering what is going on with Mr&Mrs Neighbors lawn. It has always been beautifully perfect and he's always mowed every 5 days or so, like dh. He hasn't mowed in almost 2 weeks. They're also have not been watering it. Yesterday he did mow his large dog kennel run area. It was getting so deep with grass (it's not lawn, just natural grasses/weeds). He's also apparently not been picking up the dog poop (3 big dogs are in there all day) like he normally does. Their kennel runs parallel to the fence in our backyard and when dh was mowing over there yesterday afternoon, he said it's really smelly over there. This is not like them at all, but we certainly aren't going to ask! More just wondering if he's feeling ok, but again, at this point, asking if everything is ok would just be construed as us complaining. 

When we had our propane tank filled up last week, the guy didn't leave the receipt slip, like he usually does, so I didn't know how much it was per gallon this summer. A couple days later, though, I was able to log into my account online and see the info. It was at $1.70/gallon, which isn't too bad, I guess. Last summer it was $2.04. 


  1. Next time he goes looking for numbers, take his binoculars. I am glad he found someone to talk to him. It is strange that this has only happened the last few weeks. Maybe they changed to led bulbs or a larger size.
    Maybe the neighbors are ill or dead. Stinky dog poop is the worst.

    1. Well, that's the obvious answer! Binoculars! haha. I don't think anyone has been up 300' on that cell tower top - which is why it's not working like it's supposed to be. We're seeing the neighbors every so often, so it's very strange. At least our house/patio areas aren't close enough to smell it. Just odd that they aren't upkeeping to their normal level.

  2. I had a problem with a bedroom window when baby grandson was sleeping over.
    I realised it had to be jet black dark in there if he was ever going to sleep!
    I went on Amazon and bought a length of Black Thermal Blackout Curtain Lining from DiscountFabricsLTD
    Its about 44inches square and cost £5.99 ( $7.74 )
    I plan to attach it to the wall all around the window with Velcro - somehow! - so it can be removed when not needed.

  3. I hope you get that cell tower light sorted soon. It must be so frustrating!