Monday, July 10, 2023

Start of another week

The highlight of my day yesterday was finally unclogging my bathroom sink, LOL. A couple weeks ago I tried pouring some boiling water down, hoping that would break it up. I tried the boiling water again yesterday with no luck. Decided to look under the laundry room sink to see if I had any Drano and I did, so I poured that down and waited 30 min and then poured more boiling water, but still clogged. Eventually, I realized it was just from a big gunk of hair not too far down into the drain and I got it out and no more clog.

We received the coiled garden hose and it's really helpful. I'm able to reach the flower pots in front of the garage and shop, as well as 2 of the pots out in the center island of the driveway. This saves me 3 trips of carrying the water bucket and a definite help for my back. No back pain after watering the last 2 days. Also, having the pillow behind my back on my office chair also seems to be helping my back pain.

DH got the lawn mowed yesterday. He's really really liking this mulching attachment, plus leaving the clippings is good for the lawn health too. And good for his health! Less work not having to empty the bags several times and figure out where to put all the clippings every 5 days. He's not having his muscles so worn out. 

Not gonna lie, I'm kind of glad I'm not having to deal with being over at the office today, LOL. Mostly not spending probably what would have been an hour and a half drive from dd's in the morning to get to the office and at least that driving back up to her place in the afternoon. I think today's meeting will be something I can watch/listen via Teams. The big meeting room they use is all set up for that kind of thing now.

I'm slowly getting the bins and a box of old old paperwork thrown out, as our garbage space allows it. I have a box in the corner under my desk I am working on now. The two bins are in the guest bedroom closet, next to my office. I've gotten most of the paperwork out of them, but still have a bunch of misc crap to go through. I'm wanting to get it down and able to combine into one bin. The box under my desk will end up completely gone.

It's been so dark and gray out this morning and it just started raining. I'm hoping it will turn into enough rain that I don't have to water flowers tonight. Well, I guess I spoke too soon, because the rain only lasted very briefly, not enough to do much watering.

Another thing on my to-do list today was to text my half sis a happy birthday. She is 2 years younger than me. I figured I'd better do it first thing this morning or I'd get busy all day and end up forgetting. 

The other day, when I was messaging my boss about having lunch near her home (work from home Fridays) when I come over in September, I was wondering about where she lives in proximity to when I used to live in her town, during 6th-8th grade. I couldn't remember my address from then, but knew how to find it on a google map and then saw that the place actually sold a year ago, so I looked through the listing. Wow! what a difference. So, summer before 6th grade we moved to this place. It was this nice large mobile home park of all new and nice doublewides where you purchased your small lot. My parents bought in their expanded new section, and if I recall, it was a display home on a lot they purchased. This would have been 1975. I see from the listing it's a 1974 mobile home. OMG. Almost 40...NO! 50 years later! I'm honestly surprised it's even the same mobile home sitting there! The whole area of homes has gotten a bit run down and dated looking, but overall, not too bad. I wouldn't even recognize this as the one we lived in. It's been totally updated over time. I seem to recall it was yellow outside. Now it's an off white color and totally resided with vinyl siding and some fake brick look. It still has a carport off the front end, but it's a much nicer one. I really don't remember exactly what our carpet and walls looked like (I just mostly remember the floor plan) but since it was a mobile home in 1975 I'm pretty sure we had the fake wood panel walls and I want to say green or gold shag carpet. That has all been redone and the kitchen is very nice and looks like they extended it a bit into the family room and added a small island. We had this tiny strip of lawn behind us (the mobile was situated lengthwise on the lot) and a steep hill behind us. My parents had put ivy all over the hill. In front we had a tiny bit of lawn with shrubs and a little wood type decorative fence. The front is very overgrown with shrubs, I don't see any lawn or fence. The back side, instead of the little strip of lawn is a nice deck all across the back, with a small enclosed shed type room added to the back laundry room door and the deck extends around the corner to the end of the house. The steep hill is really nicely terraced with blocks and lots of plants. The master bedroom has sliding doors to the deck, as does one of the end bedrooms. These were definitely not there back in 1975, LOL. I have no idea what my parents paid for it and the lot back in 1975, but it sold a year ago for $360,000.

From there we moved to a condo. I decided to look that up. I actually found an old listing/pics from when the actual condo unit we lived in sold back in 2015. It pretty much looked the same, other than the living room now had hard flooring instead of carpet and the bathrooms updated. Again, I can't remember what my parents paid for that condo back in 1978 (it was brand new). I want to say $60k range, but that seems high, I think, maybe it was $40k. It's worth about $375K now. Some of the other units, that I can see recent listing pics have been updated very nicely. The place had a nice clubhouse and pool that we used often. Kind of fun to look at the pictures. I lived there from 9th grade until I was almost 21 and got married. I think my parents sold it and moved in 1986.

DH got called to be on jury duty again this year. It's for a year (crazy). He never got even called in at all last year, but decided this time to send in a request to be excused. With his prostate issue, as well as muscle condition, he needs bathroom breaks all the time, as well as it's hard for him to sit for very long periods or his muscles stiffen up. He just doesn't need the stress. The form he filled out asked for medical records. He just put in it he has 2 medical conditions that make it very hard to sit for very long without breaks and he's not supplying his private medical records. He just got a notification in the mail that he has been permanently excused.



  1. I felt really dumb not knowing about this little plastic jagged hair grabber tool that my daughter told me about. A package of 6 was like $7 and voila, works so great for the hair clogs. I think about the stupid use of chemicals for years that had I knew about that tool, I'd have likely avoided down the drain. I've never been called for jury duty.

    1. I'm going to check into that tool. Luckily, once I removed the drain plug and could see the clog I could reach it with a fork, LOL. The Drano and stuff is such a waste of money

  2. There is a little thing you stick in a drain that looks like a flower and has a long string of plastic that goes in the drain to catch hair. I have no idea if it works or not. That might help. You just occasionally pull on the flower and the grossness is pulled up. I usually gagged when pulling hair out of my sink or tub. Avoid drain cleaners. My plumber said it was dangerous for him to work when people had dumped drain cleaner down the drain.

    Well, your husband won't have to be challenged for jury duty every year!

  3. I've heard lots of bad things about living in trailor homes but frankly I would have happiy lived in one when I lived in the US rather than pay rent!

  4. I have one of these under the sink in each bathroom, and they work. Since we have a septic, we can't use things like Drano:

    1. Search "Hair snake for drains." I can't seem to copy and paste a picture.