Saturday, September 25, 2021


Well, the 2 lots next to us are getting sold. One couple is buying both lots, so that is great. One more neighbor instead of 2. And we just talked to them for like 2 hours. SUPER nice couple. They are the older couple we saw out here a few weeks ago looking. They've lived in town for the past 10 years, but part time as they also have a home in Eastern Washington that they go back and forth between the 2. Sounds like they talked the guy down in price for the lots since they are buying both lots and are getting both for like $315,000. It'll probably take a couple years to get it all done, but it sounds like they will build a nice home and a shop and like to have nice landscaping, too. He's retiring in a few months, so that is why they want to build, as they will be living over here full time. And they want something bigger than what they live in now, in town. I think him and dh will get along great, he comes from a construction background, too. Also, as most people we meet here, they share the same conservative values. She seemed like a sweetheart and likes to quilt, so I told her she'll have to teach me how, as I've always wanted to learn. I can just see it now, dh will be over there every day helping the guy with their house build, LOL. But, I still can't imagine being in my 70's (she said her daughter is 50) and wanting to build a big house.

So, I didn't make it into town to get a few groceries. I was heading out to the shop to tell dh I was going to do that and saw him over at the fence talking with them, so I walked over to say hi and 2 hours later, it's now time to make some dinner. I'll just go tomorrow morning.

Hopefully, this is all turning out good, with nice new neighbors some day down the road.


  1. That should give you guys some peace of mind. Cool!

  2. Most older people want to downsize when they retire. But, this may be their dream home. I hope they make it where they can age in place with wide doors and tubs they can get into. I know you are both relieved.

    1. it sounds like they have the money (they own 2 homes)and she said they like having some space.

  3. If he is in the industry it might be "all in a day's work to him" to build a large home. But it does sound like he'll get along well with your husband doesn't it!