Saturday, September 18, 2021

ok - Not!

Ok, so I guess I'm not ready to mom has lost her new cell phone. OMG. Her boyfriend guy calls me this morning to tell me she lost it. I only talked to him, not her. I said she had it at just before 7pm last evening as she called me trying to get her charger plugged in for it. I had told her to leave it charging for a couple hours and she said she was going to bf's apartment at 7:30 to watch tv for the evening. He says she didn't have her phone with her last evening. But, she always just keeps it in her pants pocket, so not sure how he'd even know if she had it. And by 7:30 she would have totally not remembered how long her phone had been on the charger. All's her mind is going to think is she has to take her phone with her everywhere. Just like she ALWAYS locks her apartment door and has her keys. She won't even go down to the end of the hall, like when we went to move her wash into the dryer (like 2 minutes) and come right back, without locking her door.

So, she's convinced someone went into her apartment and stole it while she was down at her bf's apartment. He says they've searched everywhere and keep dialing it from his phone, so he guesses someone did go in her apartment and take it. OMG. First off no one broke into her apartment. Second off, no one is going to steal a $60 flip phone! I told him I'm going to let her keep looking for it today and if it's still not found I'll come in tomorrow and figure out what to do. I know if I go in today or go get her another phone (or reactivate her old one) it will of course show up.

Then about 15 minutes later she called me from one of the downstairs office phones they let her use. She's totally frazzled and out of it, when she gets that way about something her memory is totally shot. I answered and she said "something happened...I'm not sure what..." I said your BF just called me and told me your phone is lost. Oh right...she says. Then I said I'm sure it just got misplaced somewhere or fell out of your pocket either in your apartment or his. She says they've looked all over, someone must have taken it from her apartment. I said no, I really doubt that. And then I hear her asking the lady that works there if the apartments are easy to get into when locked and I could hear her assuring my mom they are not and only a couple people have master key and she is one of them and she was the only one on duty last evening. I also told her to look in her bedding, as one time she lost it and that's where I found it (at her previous apartment)

A while later I thought I'll bet it's in her pants pocket in her laundry basket. I called her BF and he said they did look in there, even looked in the fridge! LOL. And she's constantly fiddling with her phone (new and old) and messing up the volume for ringer and calls. Probably why they can't hear it ringing, where ever it is. My guess is it's fallen down a chair or sofa cushion and they can't hear it ringing.

So, I'm hoping it's found today. Otherwise I guess I'm heading back in tomorrow morning to look for it and if I can't find it, either go get her another one or just have them reactivate her old one back on. DH was like "did she have a hot date last night and lose it?" I said I'm pretty sure that's what most likely did happen, LOL. I'll bet money it's somewhere in his apartment.

And it's obvious I do need to get her a landline phone as a backup. If I go in tomorrow (or next time, if she finds it) I'll ask at the front desk who is the service provider to use for landline service. I'm not sure if it's the same as the cable/wi-fi company, but it probably is.


  1. DH had the same thought I But, I was not going to say it. I suppose that is why he "knew" she did not have it in her pocket.

    I am the same way--phone in my pocket and lock the door always, even if I go in the back yard.

    Once, I lost my phone and it was in crack between mattress and rail. I had searched everywhere half a dozen times and for several days.

    I hate it that he encourages her to think she has a thief! Even when I am quite sure something, like a ghost, has spirited away my phone, I know that I have not looked in the right place yet. But, I have no dementia, just a slippery cell phone.

  2. I didn’t like that he thought it was from theft either. I’m sure her phone just slipped down somewhere but I’m hoping it happened at her apartment where I can most likely find it. I’m not going to be able to search his apartment lol.

    1. Yes, you can search his apartment! If you cannot find it, insist on looking in his apartment. Maybe it is in his sheets. I would insist!

    2. No, she really can't without his permission. Think about it from a different place- would she be ok with his daughter searching her mom's apartment without permission?

    3. No, I would never insist or even ask to search his apartment! If he says it's not there, then I'll take his word for it. It's so not worth doing that for a $60 flip phone. I don't even know what type of condition his apartment is in. If it's messy and cluttered I wouldn't even want to look, even if he offered, LOL. If she did lose it there, then I'm sure at some point the phone will show up.