Saturday, September 25, 2021


Yesterday, while sitting at my desk and the kitty playing around me I hear this commotion going on under my desk. What is the world? Oh, just this!

Apparently there is a hole under my desk into the cabinet. LOL. I think he's putting some weight on. His spine and hips don't feel so bony now.

DH isn't feeling very well this morning, but not one of the things on the list to "watch for" after the endoscopy, so I doubt it's related (or if it is, not an issue) and I wouldn't think he'd have a problem (fever, nausea, vomiting) 2 days after. Seems like if there was some complication it would have shown up fairly quickly. Could be the burger he ate Thursday on our way home. I read it takes about 36 hours for food to pass all the way through...

Nice to wake up this morning and it's only Saturday and still have 2 days left of the weekend, after already having 2 days off.

I think today I am going to stain the whiskey barrel planters we have. They are kind of just a natural unstained color and we were saying yesterday they'd look better darker, to match the 2 we put at the front entrance and I think they'd stand out more against the rockery. We have extra stain and I think some leftover in a darker color. Shouldn't be too hard to grab a rag and wipe some stain on the barrels.

DH had an old friend call last night. I don't think he knew of dh's medical problems (he's not on Facebook), he just called to say hi and have their semi annual 4 hour chat LOL.

I didn't get a call back from the GI dr office to answer my question if they set up the appointment with the surgeon or we do it through his primary dr. I re-read the paperwork we took home and now do see where there is a sentence in the first section that says an appointment will be made with surgeon. I have a feeling their office was closed Friday or they probably only work a half day.

I need to run into town today and get a few groceries. I'll probably go into the city again next Thursday or Friday (days off) and pick up a big grocery order.  I'm hearing TP is getting rationed again, but thankfully I've been stocking up this whole past year and we have plenty. Water must be getting bought up, as the last couple of times they've substituted me different brands. I like the Dasani water, but I'm not paying that price.

We took a hike down the game trail on our river bank yesterday. Peaceful and quiet.

Our dog is not a swimmer, but he did wade in up to his belly. Finally, nice temps out and no smoke in the air.


  1. You are smitten with that kitten! What a gorgeous place to walk.

  2. That kitty is too adorable. I mean really. Wow!

  3. Kittens are the best! Pretty place to walk, beautiful view.