Saturday, September 18, 2021

Ready to weekend

DH had his urology appointment yesterday. I guess in the hospital one of the tests showed his PSA level, as well as the scan showed his prostate enlarged. The medication is working well and at the PSA level, along with his age (making it a more average psa level), the doctor said he's ok with waiting a few months, once he's past dealing with this pancreas stuff. Then it sounds like he'd like to do a biospy, just to make sure it's not cancer, since it is elevated a bit.

Again, going to doctors offices around here is so much easier and less stressful then living in a major metropolitan area. No traffic. Easy ample parking. We know exactly when to leave our house. The drive is 40 min, but easy (and for once dh didn't spend the whole time complaining about everything). This office was right near where my mom lives, just a few minutes off the freeway exit. The weather was cooler so dh decided to take our dog with us for the ride and we'd just leave him in the car with windows down a bit. But, after I got him checked in with his insurance, etc. the sun came out. We decided dh could be a big boy and go back to his appointment and discuss with the doctor by himself, while I went back to the car to sit with doggo and make sure it wasn't too warm. Mostly, ever since our other dog died, this dog cannot stand being alone. He whines and cries, poor guy. He had never been alone his whole life. Even if we left for awhile, the other dog was with him. I was going to take him out for a little walk (this office is right on the edge of a neighborhood), but then realized I never put his collar back on, so the leash in the car didn't much good. Then of course, later I thought, well, you dummy, you could have just made a loop with the leash that would have worked fine. DH did fine on his own.

Then we went to the grocery store and I ran in and got what we were out of. Next stop was Wendy's. I told dh just to get a single cheeseburger, but of course he still got a double, but no fries. He said last night he was feeling it a bit, but we'll see how he's doing today. For the most part, I think it settled ok with his pancreas issue, though obviously good it's not part of his regular diet. Since this was like 3:30 when we ate, later that evening he did have some pears and a salad.

Monday we drive back for a Covid test. Since we have an appointment for that and it's obviously quick, I might do up a grocery order to pick up at Walmart on our way home. Or maybe not, it's kind out out of our way, from where the covid testing is done.

Somehow my mom keeps dialing me, not meaning to call. Probably good thing I'm first on her contacts list, so probably why I keep getting called. For whatever reason she apparently just keeps fiddling with it and the buttons and then says "oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to call you". She called me yesterday while trying to plug in the charger. How, I have no idea, LOL. Yesterday evening's call, she did manage to get the charger plugged in but disonnected from me mid sentence. So I called her back to make sure she got it plugged in and then she said I'm really loud, it is loud on my end? I always have to explain to her that no, it's her volume on her phone, so I told her where the side button is and she got it turned down. This side button is at least easier for her to use, it seems, then her old phone. (Plus I had already learned where it was, as this is a common issue with her).

It was nice not working yesterday. I finished a book. It's an author I have been reading for years and years. I was disappointed to see him blatantly plug in his political views in the storyline. I honestly don't recall reading that in any of his previous books, of which there are many. I guess everybody's gotta make sure they do nowadays. I'm also guessing, that since this is a newer book, it hasn't been as popular, because usually for newer releases I have to wait weeks, if not months, and I don't even think I had to wait on this one, just out last year.

DH wants blueberry muffins for breakfast this morning (he's not up yet) and also mentioned the other evening cake sounded good. He was looking in the pantry and wanted me to make one that evening. I'm like it takes hours to cool down before you can put the frosting on - I'm not making it tonight! LOL. I'll make him one today. I think I have chocolate or a funfetti mix.

DH wants to change his cell phone number to be local number from here with this area code. I just figured out I can do that online with Verizon, so once's he's up I'll tell him that and make sure that's what he wants before I pull the trigger for him. I guess it will give several choices for the last 4 numbers, so i will let him choose. Eventually, I'll probably do same, but since it appears to change right away, I have to do it when I can also change my phone number in my mom's contacts, so she can call me without any confusion (well, no more than she already has).

Just looking at Zillow, it doesn't appear these 2 lots next to us have many views (compared to other houses and properties in the area). There at one point was 4 or 5 saves on one lot. Now they are down to 2 saves. 77 views is all in 40 some days.


  1. Have you ever considered purchasing an adjacent lot? I have had the same phone number since I got a cell in 2003. I would hate to have to change telephone numbers with doctors and such. They now still try to use it even though all have been notified of the change!

    1. Not at $225,000!! LOL. That guy is nuts to think it's worth that. It's double what the people on lot on the other side of those 2 lots paid a year ago.