Monday, September 20, 2021

Round and round the merry go round

On Friday Dh had gone back to his urology appointment by himself. He made sure he listened to what the plan is and got in the car and told me right then so I'd know/remember, too. He said the dr. said the blood work at the hospital showed his PSA at 7.3, which for his age means a 25% chance it could be cancerous. He said the next step is a biopsy, done in the office, to see, but it wasn't a rush and since dh was dealing with his pancreas stuff right now, he wants him back in 3 months to do this. Ok.

Then this morning a lady from his office calls to schedule a PSA blood test in 6 weeks. DH says I thought we were doing this in 3 months? No, it says 6 weeks. So, he needs a blood test and then come in for another appointment a week after that. Dh says is this to do the biopsy? She says no, just to discuss the blood test. Dh was just confused, but said ok and wrote the dates down for the blood test and the appointment.

This is dumb. Unless there's a chance his PSA goes down (highly unlikely it seems from what I read), why test it again? And if it is just to double check and high and he needs the biopsy then just schedule the biopsy. He doesn't need another appointment to come in and tell him he needs a biopsy. He just did that! I'm going to call the office back this afternoon and figure this out. 1. We don't need to pay for another "consult" appointment when from what dh understood, he needs the biopsy done and 2. we don't need another trip out in public to be exposed to Covid. If they want him to go into the lab here in town (that's where she's sending the order) and the results are the same and he needs a biopsy, then just tell him over the phone and schedule it. Why have another appointment to do the same thing he just did on Friday?

In additional news, his prescription for this is now covered by his new insurance. I think the first 30 days I filled (with no coverage) was around $20 (but I can't remember for sure, as I had filled 4 prescriptions total for almost $100), but with his new insurance the 30 day supply was a whopping $2.42. 

This morning we are leaving to go to the city to get his covid test done for the upcoming endoscopy. I showed dh on an online map exactly where we are going and told him the lady said it's ok to pull up to the sidewalk where they do the testing facing the wrong direction. He just needs to be on the side of the sidewalk when he rolls down his window and since he'll be driving, he needs to face the wrong way on the street, but she said that is fine. I figured showing and telling him all this ahead of time will save much aggravation when we get there! Now he knows exactly where were are going.


  1. I agree, it does sound a bit silly to have a second appointment to tell you what they've already told you, doesn't it. But thank goodness you got that insurance eh! And fingers crossed for your hubs!

  2. I have had appointments like that, and it is annoying if I have driven a great distance.