Sunday, September 5, 2021

more weekend

I never did get any ambition yesterday and just didn't feel well. I had gone to bed Friday night with a bit of a stomach ache and after I had breakfast yesterday it came back. I was just very bloated and uncomfortable all day. I did manage to water flowers, wash sheets, make some tapioca pudding and then dh wanted some chocolate chip cookies. I just cut the recipe in half. For dinner I made home made pizza, which we haven't had in awhile.

We were outside for awhile later morning, doing yard stuff and the couple who bought lot 6 a year ago drove by, down to their lot. Her dad lives in the area and he was driving behind them. They didn't stay down there very long and left and we waved as they drove out. DH had just talked to the guy last Sunday, LOL. Had even said next time you are over here stop in. I could see not wanting to go knock on our door but since we were already outside....Plus the guy didn't say on the phone last Sunday ya we'll be over there next weekend. So, apparently not going to be very friendly neighbors like we are with our other 2.

The hospital part of the claim came through, I just logged in to check. What I expected. Lots of $$. His plan does have a high deductible, but there is apparently a cap on co-insurance of $10,000 so if I'm understanding it right we won't be out of pocket over the deductible and that $10k. I can't see the EOB yet, to see if the hospital charges cover it all. It's broken down into 2 lines, the room and then the hospital services. I'm guessing the services include the 3 ct scans and xray, etc. At least I hope so.

The neighbors should be home later today from their trip to visit son and family. It seems to have worked well with them having the dog sitter girl. She has been there most of the time (and all night, of course) and the dogs have been good. I'm sure the dogs are also liking actually having someone with them during the day, which they don't usually get. Mrs still plans to retired next May. Gosh, she should. She's 70 years old, probably will be 71 by then.

I've been reading this book, and keep thinking I read it before. But, then parts of it I'm like nope, I haven't read it. It's driving me nuts. And the parts that seem totally familiar feel like I've seen it in a tv show or movie, but it hasn't been made into one. Very weird. The book only came out 3 years ago, so if I read it you'd sure think I'd remember. I could see if it was something I read 15 years ago and forgot I had. 

DH was feeling pretty back to normal yesterday, so that's a good sign. Though he may have eaten more than he probably should. He didn't sleep that great last night, so went back to bed after he got up this morning. I got the kitchen disaster from yesterday cleaned up this morning. I think I'll go finish up this book I have or haven't read. Yesterday was a cute thing - a chipmunk was up on the bird bath drinking water.


  1. Since the guy just passed by, maybe it was because he had people with him. I hope you and your husband get back to normal.

    What is the name of the book you are reading? Incidents and plots get recycled and reused.

    I suppose the dogs have really enjoyed having their own person home to spoil them. Or, at least, give them the attention they need and deserve.

    Hope you get better.

    1. that could be why he didn't stop. He has a crew cab pickup and with the windows tinted I couldn't see if anyone was in the back, but very possible since his father in law was also in his truck.

      The book is called Time's Convert, part of the Discovery of Witches books. I know that is a series, but this book in kind of a side extension off the series and not part of the tv show. And usually if I have downloaded an ebook prior, from the library, it will load up where I left off, which would be the end, LOL. I'll bet the dogs got lots of extra attention, which they sure need.

  2. You got a lot done even with not feeling well. I too have resorted to trying to make half recipes. Too much was wasted, and we ate too much.

    1. the half recipe was perfect and didn't have to take so long getting them all baked.