Friday, February 26, 2021

What a day

This has been an interesting day. It snowed a bunch last night. Not long after getting our day started this morning (me working and dh out shoveling and plowing snow) our power went out. It was very bizarre. I was sitting at my desk and it went out for a second or two and came back on. I was in the middle of mobile depositing my check, so I hadn't turned my computer back on, plus I wanted to wait a few minutes to make sure the power wasn't going right out again. DH came inside and hollered up to me to see if I could fill up the bathtub. I'm thinking to myself, well sure I can, the power is back on. LOL.

I go downstairs and realize there are no lights on and of course the water would only run for a little bit before it ran out, since we are on a well that operates from an electric pump. Wait...wasn't my desk light on when I came down here? I went back up stairs and my desk light is on as well as I can tell my printer is still on. I flipped the wall switch light. No light. What?! how does that work??

I went down to find dh outside and noticed the laundry room light was on and all the garage lights were on. I said to dh, how can there be electricity to part of the house? We were standing in the garage looking at the electric panel to see if any breakers flipped. All looked normal. One of the garage ceiling lights kept going off and on. I walked back in the house, the laundry room light was on, but I couldn't turn kitchen lights on, but my appliance clocks were on. What in the world?

DH went back out to continue plowing and I texted my neighbor down the street and she said same thing was going on at her house and then the other neighbor, who had been out plowing said the same thing. Apparently "all" the power didn't go out, there was still partial coming through and then about half hour later it all went out. So, neighbor and I texted awhile. She sent me some new pics of the baby. She's so cute.

In the meantime I'm trying to email from my phone with the lender as she emailed me to see if that notary ever showed up? Nope. She apologized profusely and said this is so unacceptable. They are working on getting someone to come. I said well, probably not going to get someone today - it's snowed a bunch and we have no power. I asked her if I should make my 3/1 mortgage payment with my current lender and she said yes, go ahead. She will request updated payoff on Monday and hopefully someone can get out here Tuesday to close. My guess is it's going to be later than Tuesday, now that she has to get another payoff from my current lender.

Around noon dh came in for lunch. He had set his phone on the bench in the garage the whole couple of hours he was outside and it was like 50% battery life. When he came back in it was 1%. He was freaking out about that (though I had no clue why it dropped like that, not being used. Mine was being used and I was still at 25%). I said well plug it in to your solar charger or the car phone charger then! So, he got out his solar charger and it started charging right up and then a buddy of his called and they chatted for a long visit while he left it plugged into the solar charger. Then it was just totally dumping snow. It looked like a blizzard out there.

It never really got too cold in the house. It was warm when the power went out, we have that ridiculous amount of insulation, LOL, and it's not as cold out as it was the last time it went out all day. Mid 30's today. The power was finally restored at 2pm and I got back to work for what is left of the day. When the power came back on I had just drifted off for a nap, darn, LOL.

I think I figured out what may have caused dh's phone battery drain. I guess the iphone 7's are set to have app background refresh on as a default, so I turned it off and we'll see. At least the solar charger he bought a few years ago, for emergencies, worked great and I do have a cell phone charger you plug into your car cigarette lighter and it has always charged my phone really fast.

I have no idea what I'm doing for dinner. I didn't take anything out of the freezer. Maybe I'll just do eggs and bacon for dinner. 

DH and I discussed having our electricians (when they come out to do our gate at some point) hook up a different thing in our electric panel in the garage, where dh can hook up the generator there and it would just run our well pump and something to do with our septic, as I guess that has some kind of electric pump, too. Just in case we ever have one of those once in a blue moon outages where you are out for days. I said, well, at least if the outage had lasted until it got dark, we now have our new LED battery lanterns we recently got ;)

I meant to add, before I published this,  when that notary who didn't show up called me on Tuesday to confirm the appt, I didn't catch her name, but had her # on my phone. Same thing I did with the first notary who was supposed to come, I googled the number, but for her I couldn't find anything. Well, dh is much better at sleuthing, and he found her right away. Apparently she had just listed herself like 2 days ago on a notary service webpage and just got her license. It doesn't show she has any experience in doing this or handling the paperwork. Then he looked her up on Facebook. She does look like a flake........


  1. That is still weird about the electricity. It is also strange about the newbie notary. It seems like they all lack professionalism or common sense. Do you think the solar panel for the gate can handle two pumps? How about a whole house generator that would keep the refrigerator and freezer going and the pumps?

    1. If we get the temporary solar for the gate, it won't run the well pump. But, when we eventually get the electrician back here to hook up an electric gate opener dh wants them to reconfigure our electric panel in the garage for the well pump, so he can plug it into our generator easily. A whole house generator isn't in the budget right now.

  2. Any time our power blinks I say I want a generator for emergencies. We rarely loose power but a generator would be such a piece of mind. I like being able to flush the toilets and other things. Call me spoiled! lol