Tuesday, February 23, 2021

No closing yet

So, did not end up closing on my refi yesterday. About 1pm or so the notary guy called and said he wouldn't be the notary coming, as they didn't get him the documents in time for him to make the appointment. I emailed the lender and she emailed me right back and said she will check with title to see if there is another notary that can be sent out that afternoon (I'm sure she doesn't realize we don't live in an area where they can't just easily find a different one), otherwise they will have to reschedule. I really don't get why they just don't use one of the title companies in town and have us go there. I never heard back and still no update this morning.  You'd think they could just get that first notary the docs sometime by the end of yesterday and he could come today, instead. So much for the smooth procedure, LOL. You'd think they would have had who they were going to use figured out before now. I expected an email this morning with an update, but there wasn't anything, so I sent the lender an email asking for one.

And looking at my work calendar I just realized today is already payroll processing day, since this is a short month. Guess I'll be busy today. 

Had a funny yesterday. DH gets himself a snack of chips and salsa. He says "I thought you got the chunky salsa?" Me: "I did" Him: "hmm, it doesn't taste like it" Me: (looking in the fridge) that's because you opened the jar of pizza sauce" 😆😆

I just got an email from the lender and now she is saying it will probably have to be Thursday or Friday and am I available. I replied back I am free anytime, I work from home, so I am here all the time. She just emailed back she will get me rescheduled for Thursday.

I just heard a gobble outside and see this out my window



  1. You would think the company would figure all this out beforehand. Funny about the pizza sauce. Nice turkey shot. I suppose you have everything around where you live. Any bears?

    1. You would think they could have made sure to have the paperwork ready to send the notary before they schedule them....there are a few bears in the area, usually seen higher up, but they keep out of sight, though we have had bear poop at the edge of our property before (we know because the dog rolled in it LOL). There are mountain lions, but they rarely let anyone see them, deer (mulies and white tail) are very common. The elk are around, too. Driving up in the higher elevations we have seen a couple of moose. The deer typically come through during the night.