Thursday, February 18, 2021

Cabinets and friends

The cabinet lady did call me early afternoon yesterday. She acted like she never got my first 2 emails. I wanted to say: and you didn't get my voicemails either?? or the message a month ago from your area rep?? Anyhow, she is now in the process of getting an order for the cabinet together. It will probably be more than I guestimated, based on our other tall cabinets price, since the price of lumber has skyrocketed. She did say she would get me the quote by the end of yesterday, but she did not, and was I surprised? No I was not, LOL.

DH also had to put a call into our insulation guy - again, as we are still having spots where our attic/roof area is apparently still not insulated property and we have water and ice forming in our soffit areas. If it's not fixed we are just going to end up with mold there and rotting wood. He texted him and he said he'd call dh last evening, but never did. He also texted our hvac guy as he's wanting to discuss with him adding an "air exchanger" to our system. He texted back "I'll call ya in a minute" and never did. 

The neighbor dogs are doing as well as expected for having to be alone for so many days. DH said when he goes over there one of the dogs is just shaking, he's so stressed. (this is the one that loves DH, so it's not that he's afraid of dh). Poor pups. A week is too long to leave them by themselves, they don't understand. DH always goes over to visit at the fence of their run with them (and gives treats) and said this morning he told them "one more sleep". Yesterday he was shoveling snow over there so he let out the female dog for awhile to play with our dogs. If he let them both out the would take off in a second (that's what they always do when Mr. Neighbor lets them out). He did have to call her back a couple times, but she didn't go off.

I had a good laugh last night. I get a text from my side job boss/friend that says "de-friend stupid people off Facebook 😂😂😂". I replied back "?? who?" thinking I missed something she posted on FB. Then I went "oh! you mean my friend R?!" and at the same time she is typing my friends name back to me. LOL. I said oh, ya. I was trying to be as nice as possible to her comment she made to my post on MY wall, where I was just saying our state lifted the mask mandate and it was really nice to see faces and smiles again at the town grocery store". (basically same thing I posted here the other day). Of all my friends that commented were from my old state I lived in. Their comments ranged from "with our governor we're never going to not wear them", "our governor needs a bag over his head", to "I need to get out of this state". I did not reply to any comments, but, my one friend R, felt the opposite, which is fine, but of course had to make me and those that want to get back to not wearing masks, feel like we're some kind of ogres and death wishers. She didn't get any support back from anyone. 

It's interesting, before 4 years ago I never even gave one thought to what people's politics were. A few I knew, if they were vocal about their views, but the majority - no clue and no care either way. That isn't how I chose my friends. But, it's been interesting to now realize that probably 90% of my friends do have the same views as me, it turns out, since we all seem to have opinions about what is going on the past few years, especially this last year. Even one of my friends (all the way back to high school) who has never ever posted anything political or even about the virus, so I had no clue up until yesterday where she stood. I guess I just assumed those on my friends list we probably like the country - about a 50/50 split. She posted a meme about their governor, so yep, she's had enough, too.

I guess my point is everyone has their own opinion about it and everyone should be able to have their own opinion about it, without someone else trying to cram their view down someone's throat - especially on their own Facebook page. If my friend R had posted something about her opinion on her own wall, that I disagreed with, I would not have commented my opposite opinion. She didn't ask for my opinion, nor would I assume she wanted to argue about it. The simple fact that I was happy to see some faces and smiles again was not up for debate. (and no, I did not de-friend her, as my boss/friend suggested, LOL). 

I did just de-friend someone else the other day. Not for her political views though, LOL (which are same as mine from what she's posted) but because I realized that I don't think she have ever once even clicked like on something I've posted. She posts fairly regularly, as do I, and occasionally I will click like on some happy news she has shared (a daughter getting engaged, or another one having a baby, etc). I figured what is the point of having her as a friend on Facebook if she is not ever interested in interacting with me and my life. So, gone she is.

I have another friend (also from high school) who is an RN, who has very conservative views, but she also doesn't post anything political (though I do occasionally see that she would like a post on various political pages that we both followed). Last Fall she shared a video of how the media has changed how they report, compared to years ago. It was totally true, you can't argue that they reported differently 20 or so years ago! Some "friend" of hers went off on her about Covid (which had nothing to do with her post) and basically questioned her character and integrity as a nurse. Friend held her ground, but has not posted anything on Facebook since. I miss her updates on her son's and her dogs and what not. Sad that it takes one sucky person, who thinks they are superior to others, to ruin someone's fun. I would never go on someone's Facebook and chastise them for their beliefs - even if they don't align with mine. That's just rude.

I'm not sure what is going on at my mom's place. The last email update I got from the manager last week (sent to all family) was that they were starting up dining and activities again Tuesday of this week (barring any change in Covid case status). The last 2 days I have talked to her she is making it sound like they have not started anything, so I'm not sure. Maybe they had to delay it a bit. I've noticed they aren't very good about following up with emails if something changes. But, then she mentioned she and 2 of her floor neighbors visited for awhile out in the common area, which they hadn't been doing before.

I'm not in a working mood today. Maybe because I was super busy the past few days and now out of a bit of steam, haha. And my boss is on vacation, so it's quieter, as far as my emails and messages go.


  1. No one on my fb has ever had a dissent until two weeks ago. She was actually in line with everyone else, but had a different take on the situation. They are a cohesive group, not just going along to get along.

    1. I respect that others have different opinions, just wish other people acted the same way