Wednesday, February 3, 2021

More money offering

A friend recommended a new tv show to watch, so I gave it a go. Very quirky/funny. A bit of a Northern Exposure feel to it, mixed with sci-fi, LOL. It's called Resident Alien. It had some funny bits, as the alien (who has taken over a recluse doctors body in a small Colorado town) learns to act human. The townspeople are quirky, too. I'll probably give it a watch for a few episodes and see how it goes. Only episode 1 has been put out, so far.

I also just finished a good book by Matt Haig called The Midnight Library. I've enjoyed a couple other books by him I've read, too.

Yay, my mom's rent payment finally started coming out auto from her checking. It posted today. I'm just glad it's finally on auto pay now. One less thing for me to have to remind/ask/check on every month.

So, I call her to tell her it went through her checking and that she needs to write it down in her register. She finds her register and of course she still has not written down any of the January transactions we went round and round to try to get her to write and then I told her again about the email I sent last week with with the list of transactions, so she got her email open (of course no memory of getting it last week) and finally I just said, well just work off that list and enter what you haven't, after we get off the phone. I wasn't going to sit on the phone while she attempts this (as I know it's futile). I didn't even bother mentioning the Feb rent again, to write down. I'm just not bringing any of it up anymore. If/when she brings it up again, and then when she realizes she's so far behind, I'm just going to tell her I've been trying to have her write it down several times, but I think it's just too confusing for her now, so I can do it (I already am in my own register for her account).

I also brought up uncle and said has he been asking you for money? she said she didn't think so, so I said that he told me she keeps offering to send him money and he doesn't really need it, so he's not sure what to keep telling her. She said oh, I probably am offering it to him or telling him to let me know if he needs some for something. I told her since he doesn't need any extra, it's better for her money to stay in her investment account earning good. She then said "oh, I just need to stop offering it to him then." I said yes, that's the best plan.

Then get this! A half hour later uncle texted me that she just called him and wanted to send him money for his birthday. OMG! Not to mention his birthday isn't until April. He said he just told her that he doesn't need any money and her money earns really good interest in her account so leave it there. He said that's what he's just going to keep telling her going forward.  I texted back that unfortunately, at this point, we are just going to have to keep repeating ourselves about it with her. I also told him she has gotten to the point where she can't do her checking register anymore, so I'm slowly transitioning her from it, while I keep my own copy of her register. Just to let him know I'm pretty much 100% all over the situation. And fortunately the only 2 people she talks to on a regular basis is me and him. Can you imagine her having more relatives that called regularly and just offering money to everyone?! God!

Then I think I know what might have made her think it was his birthday. It is her dad's birthday today! I'll bet she was remembering that, but getting confused and thinking it was her brother's birthday.

DH has this guy he's known for years (originally from our original area) that is very wealthy and lived on a huge ranch and huge home not far from where we live now and sold it after we moved here and they moved about 3 years ago, about an hour away. They "downsized" to a 9200 sf home on 25 acres. It's gorgeous, of course. Well, they are already selling it! I can't imagine wanting to move so soon again, especially for the size of their home and belongings. I'm looking at their for sale pics and just thinking wow! it makes our place look pathetic, haha, She sure is an inspiration for lodge/rustic/western decor, but probably one item in her rooms costs more than what I put in the whole room, haha.  The thought of being in my 60's and packing up and moving again just makes me cringe. But, then again, I'm sure they hire movers to do it all, LOL. And they basically moved twice after they sold their big ranch. First they moved temporarily to a 2500 sf condo, while they looked for this current place. 

I got a call yesterday afternoon from my loan officer on my re-fi. She said the only thing they are waiting on is my title, but that those are all being slow for everyone right now, so it could take another couple weeks to get, but she's hoping to get it next week. We can close fairly quickly after that is received and cleared as all good, it sounds like. I asked her about my email regarding why the payoff to my 2 existing loans went up almost $4000. She said they got the pay off figure from my main mortgage and that there is like $3600 interest on it. I'm like how is that possible when one months interest is like half that? She said they quoted interest added to existing balance owed from Jan 1 to the end of Feb (estimated pay off date). So, apparently my payment that just posted on Monday wasn't taken into account and they quoted it as if I wasn't making it, I guess. She said when we get closer to actual closing date that they will get the new payoff amount, so it will be more accurate.

It's snowing nicely, right now. Starting to stick a bit. Though I sure wouldn't want to be my neighbor lady who has to drive 45 miles in it to get home in a couple of hours.


  1. Just a thought--they are not going to take all the decor. So, maybe husband could approach over email or whatever way they correspond and ask if they are selling any of the decor, that you have a home that could use some. Well, however he wants to express it. You might pick up furniture or wall decor to complete your home. Just a thought.

    I think lenders always have the advantage in how they interpret numbers! And, usually never to your advantage.

    1. that's an idea, they sure have nice things. I don't think they are downsizing this time around though. I guess the friend mentioned they want more room, not sure if he meant house wise or land wise, haha.