Friday, February 12, 2021

Happy Friday

I did my morning login to my bank account and was surprised to see my paycheck deposited, as payday is Monday, then my dd reminded me Monday is President's Day.  Time to pay a couple bills. Most are on auto pay, but I charge them all to my rewards earning credit card and on payday make a payment to the credit card for the amount of those bills being put on to the credit card.

My electric bill for January was $300. Crazy that when we had our 1400 sf house in town our winter electric bills were $400 - and that's with the furnace being propane!! Apparently that's what it cost in electricity to run the dang furnace to blow the heat through the house. Now we are heating 3x that size with electric heat for $300. Just shows what a heat pump, good insulation and triple pane windows can do. 

My side job boss was needing to use some type of basic accounting software to track the small LLC they now have for their building. Their bank loan is requiring she submits financial statements each month (ugh). Seriously pretty dumb. They are renting the building to their own company and the rent is way more than paying the monthly mortgage payment. It's not like there is any real risk going on there. Anyhow, I told her my ideas, one of them being to just use the accounting software they already have, as it's multi user (I'm the only one using it, though) and you can set up multiple companies on it. We'll just set up the LLC as a separate company and she can track her expenses and income on it. Well, first we had to get her the software on her work log in. Yesterday I started setting up the LLC, just got the basics put in. I don't know what their IT guy did, but she now has access to the accounting program but apparently it's a stand alone version and not linking to the company I had already set up. She didn't want to deal with the IT guy again, so she is just setting up the company on her end. But, as I expected, since she has zero experience with this software (or any accounting software) she has no idea how to do set it up and then use it. 

One of the company owners of my main company sure has been spending a lot of time over in my neck of the woods. I see all his charges on the company credit card statement. Seems like he's over here almost monthly. Interesting. I made a comment/joke about to my boss, thinking maybe she'd say what the heck he's over here for all the time and she just replied "yuuuppp. LOL". So, I still don't know, LOL.

The gate latch we ordered from the Ukrainian Etsy seller arrived today. It's still out in the mailbox, LOL, as dh hasn't gotten layered up/dressed to walk down to get it. It's too bad UPS doesn't come until evening, as his straps for the snow plow winch are coming and that would give him something to work on today, replacing all that. 

1 degree this morning. Brrr.. I let the dogs out and the first dog came back right after peeing. I didn't see the other dog, so shut the door and went to fill their food bowls and hear this thump against the door! Other dog wanted back in and wasn't just going to stand there waiting for me to show up, like he usually does, LOL.


  1. It is 37F here today, and that is cold enough for me. I am still wearing sandals and no socks. Your dog had had enough of 1F, and I don't blame him. I cannot wait until the bird lamp gets to you. If I needed a lamp, that would tempt me.

    1. the funny part is I keep forgetting about ordering the bird lamp, until you remind me about it, and then I'm thinking oh ya! I can't wait for that lamp to come ;) LOL. So keep reminding me :)