Saturday, February 20, 2021

Saturday shopping

My mom had her 2nd vaccine on Thursday afternoon and Friday she was feeling a bit under the weather, but that seems to be common, from what I've heard, after getting the 2nd dose. She didn't sound too bad, just said her arm was sore and her back ached. Hopefully she will also be typical in that it only lasts about a day. She also got to have her meals in the dining room yesterday, so that was good news.

Our neighbors returned yesterday afternoon, so very happy dogs and a quiet evening for us. Though dh laughed and said it looked like the 2 dogs left at home were happier to see the 3rd dog (at boarding) back than their peoples, LOL. And hey, they didn't bring son's dogs home with them, so that's good.

We are going into the city later this morning to pick up a grocery order at Walmart. I haven't been for 3 week, so it's time to get restocked on some things and refill the stuff we use daily. I did have some steaks on my order, but after I went and looked through the freezer I realized I have quite a few in there, so I took them off my order. We've been having hamburgers more than steak lately, so I guess that's why there's still quite a bit in there. I am down to my last loaf of bread for lunches. Once in a while the small store in town carries it, but I can never count on that, so it's best to buy 4 loaves (the limit they will let me order) and freeze them. We are also going to stop in Harbor Freight. DH uses their latex gloves in the shop and is getting low. I gave him a $25 gift card in his stocking, still to use. I tried to order them online, but they are in store purchase only. I just realized that we have not gotten a Harbor Freight ad in the mail in ages. Wonder what is up with that? Used to always get their monthly little ad/catalog, with the coupons and such. I'm searching online and apparently they have stopped their 20% off any one item coupons. 

I'm having dh drive me, as the weather is too iffy with snow and will be good for him to get out of the house for a bit, too. 

No news on my re-fi and my concerns about the payoffs and almost doubled property tax escrow. I guess I probably won't be closing on Tuesday as they estimated.


  1. It is funny that the dogs are happier to see their dog friend than their peoples. Your mother will be safe now, hopefully.

    1. She was feeling fine today, so all is good. Neighbor did say today that one of the dogs woke him up at 1am for a hug fest, LOL.