Monday, November 16, 2020

What a headache

An hour and a half of my life I'll never get back - dealing with Xfinity. I called my mom's previous apartment place for a 3rd time to try to talk to the manager and find out if her service had been set up/paid for by them or not. This time I was told she isn't in until Wednesday, but it was a different person who answered from before, so I asked her what she knew about the cable with xfinity and she said the apartment does not cover it, it would have been set up by my mom. hmmm...I don't think so...

So, then I called xfinity. Got some guy in India or you know how that always goes.....first he told me he was working on getting the charge removed. I was on hold forever with him "working on it". Then he asks where she returned the equipment to/which store. I said that's my whole issue - I don't think that it was. Then he put me on hold some more, then came back and said he's showing it was returned, but it was past 10 days so that's why the charge. I said $120 for being returned late?? Apparently....but I'm not buying that explanation.

Then I was online with her account looking at it again and they had a "chat" option so I started chatting with a different agent. I said they charge a $120 "late" fee? He told me no, that is the charge for unreturned equipment. I said well are you showing it returned or not? He said it hasn't been returned but the account is showing $0 balance. I'm like oh, ok! Great. We sign off and I log back in and it's still owing. So I start a new chat with a 3rd person. She says it is not showing $0 and has not been returned. Ok...I said that's what I figured, but have been told 3 different things today, so I'm just trying to get a definitive answer.  She said she was removing the device from the account (whatever that means) and working with her "back end" team to waive the charges. Then she came back and said they can't access the credit but someone from that department will call me in the next 10-15 minutes to discuss it. Well, it's been that long now and no one has called.  If I don't hear back by the end of today, I'm just going to pay it with my mom's card. I've done my best to try to resolve it.

It's the strangest thing, though. It shows she started that service end of Sept last year. Her first billing under that account# shows a credit balance brought forward from her old house xfinity account of $64. Then her first months bill at her apartment was like $30, leaving her a $34 credit balance. Then the next month it shows her voice service canceled with an additional $3 credit and her "monthly" charge for tv and internet from there forward each month was $0 (she just had that $34 untaken credit each month on her bill. The bills say "landlord limited cable" so it was paid for by the apartment! and if so, then wouldn't the equipment also belong to them? I'm calling this dang manager back on Wednesday. She's the one I need to talk to and clarify this.  Like where my mom lives now (different cable company) the cable tv is included in her rent. The tv box was in the apartment when she moved in. It won't be her responsibility to return when she moves. Seems like if her old apartment place also paid for the cable tv, then the equipment is theirs........

Finally someone called me back and I had to explain it all over again (even though the previous person said she would include notes what was going on). I said well, she doesn't have the equipment anyore so we'll just have to pay this bill and she says something like "well, if you don't return it you'll just keep getting charged for it!" What?! How does that work?  and the lady is in the middle of telling me something and we lose our connection. That happened with the first person, but he called me right back. This one hasn't called back. 

I also found a "general" email address for mom's old apartment and sent an email there attn: the manager. Maybe she can reply that way, since she won't call me back. People are annoying.

UPDATE:  I called back the # that called me. This time I got some customer service agent in Russia, LOL. Again have it explain it all. He says there is no equipment showing attached to the account now. I said well, the 3rd person I talked to did say she was removing it from the account. He says, well, since it's been removed the $120 charge will go away in about 72 hours. We'll see. I'm not holding my breath.


  1. The most annoying part of all this kind of stuff is explaining to everyone in the company what is happening! I called a person at a doctor's office who wanted the details of the problem. I asked her why and if she was a nurse and had the power to help me. She said no and that she just wanted to explain it to the nurse. NO! These people always repeat things wrong! But, to get the money removed, I do take the time. I certainly hope the person at her last apt has some solutions. Do you think her bf had some influence in what happened?

    1. Her BF passed away months before I moved her, so he didn't have anything to do with it. It was my fault for not checking if we were supposed to return the cable box.

  2. Akkk...I hate having to explain myself over & over like that. Super frustrating.
    I don't think I would pay it. Hopefully someone who knows something will get back to & straighten it out. 🤞🏻

  3. Aaahhhhh it's like pulling teeth isn't it. I HATE those overseas calls!