Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Vacuum love

So far I have to say this new Shark vacuum I got with the self cleaning brushroll is AMAZING!! Life changing! I vacuumed the whole upstairs (all carpet except for bathroom) and did not once have to stop and cut off all the hair/fur wrapped around the brush. The fact that I do not have to stop, after each room, lay the vacuum down, take off the cover, get down on my knees, and sit there and cut out all the fur wrapped around the brush, is so nice.  And eventually, even though I cleaned it constantly, the hair would suck into the motor part, between the 2 rollers and start ruining the brush motor/smelling like burned hair. DH would have to take the whole brush head apart and try to get out what he could. This new vacuum is also much lighter than my Dyson, which I noticed really helped with my back. Usually I will finish one floor and either rest my back for a good hour or even just wait and do the other floor the next day. I'm ready to just continue on with the downstairs now. Instead of that big ball (it still does swivel like the Dyson) like on the Dyson,  it fits under things better. Like my staircase landing that is carpeted, the vacuum head fits all the way under the wood stair hanging over it, so I can get to all the edges of the carpet now. 

And did I mention I got this amazing piece of equipment for only $100?!! Heck ya! Even the regular price of $300 would have been worth it. So, if you have a long haired (I'm talking really long haired - like my dogs fur is 8 inches long in some areas....and black...and lots of it....) dog, this is the vacuum for you.

You can see the long haired super shedder is as excited about this vacuum as I am! 😁

Some of the blinds I ordered apparently got dropped off by FedEx last night. I have no idea what time - I noticed the box at the front door this morning. What's weird is I seem to always get texts from FedEx when something is coming and after it gets delivered. Like this morning were 4 texts that some more of the blinds are coming today. But there was no text for this delivery. Well, it's all stuff that will keep DH busy for a day or two, so that's a bonus. What came last night is the cellular shades for the upstairs bedrooms and my office. What's coming today is all his shop blinds. The roman shades I ordered for living room are still in process.


  1. Do they make this vacuum in a cannister model? My back cannot handle the upright.

    1. I'm not sure, you might check out Shark's website for their products. I find an upright much easier on my back than dragging around a canister behind me. My mom had one of those growing up and that's all I used, then in high school I got a job housecleaning for this couple and they had upright. I never went back to canister, haha.

    2. I looked as soon as I asked. They don't. It hurts me to push or pull on an upright.

  2. I love my Shark too! Went to Shark from a Dyson that I thought was just so-so. And what a pretty dog!

  3. We have 2 of the Shark vacuums & absolutely love them. Bought one for our winter home & loved it so much bought another for our summer home. So easy to clean out the canisters & filters. Wash them & let air dry.