Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Another challenging morning

 It was a big bowl of Lipton noodle soup for lunch kind of day yesterday.

I use one of the fabric swatch samples as a coaster :)

I'm working my way through this long book I'm reading fairly quickly, but then dang - 3 more ebooks I reserved are also available. They weren't supposed to be available for a couple more weeks or so. Guess I'd better read faster. It always seems to be feast or famine, haha.

I'm working on my small shopping list for going to town today. I'm trying to figure out meals for basically the next 2 1/2 weeks to see if I have enough to get through then until I do a big grocery pickup.  Mostly I just need milks (dh likes chocolate), bananas and some cheetos, haha. And grapes.

Well, still having accounting software problems this morning. We thought IT had fixed it at the end of the day yesterday. We were both able to log in. Now we are not, again. 

And my upstairs is not heating up. We have 3 zones in our heating system. When I get up I always stop at the control and turn the heat up for upstairs. That way by the time I get up there, after feeding the dogs, making dh's eggsandwich and saying hello to the chickens, it's warm up here. I've been sitting here 40 minutes and realized I'm cold! The control says "heat to 70" but the temperature still shows 66. What the heck! Dh got up and turned the downstairs up. I waited a bit and still not warming up. I went and told him. He said something about the condenser unit (outside) maybe takes an hour and a half? It's starting to feel warmer up here, but the temp isn't showing it's warming up.  I don't know why this morning would be any different from any other cold morning here.

And now for some reason I have a stomach ache. I finished my coffee a bit ago and then a half hour or so later I get some breakfast. Well, it's breakfast time and now my stomach feels bad. This day isn't starting out too well, either.

And again, I can't go take a shower and get dressed for the day because I'm waiting on IT to call, if they need to remote access my computer to work on the issue.

Let's see...what else is new. Oh, DH decided to close his Facebook account. We'll see how long that lasts, haha. Like most of us, he is/was addicted to it. Mostly he's tired of the big brother aspect of it. Seriously, how do you fact check someone's opinion? He also doesn't like that he will be talking about something, go sit down at his computer and there is an ad for it in his Facebook feed. Happens constantly. He also deleted his twitter, but he didn't use that much. I have never used it. One of his Facebook friends is trying out a new social platform called Parler, but Dh didn't like that they require your cell phone number to sign up.

Well, I'm just going to go take a quick break and get showered and dressed. If IT calls, I'll just call them back. I can be done in about 10 minutes LOL.



  1. I hope your heat gets straightened out soon since you live in such cold climate. I hate it that it seems everyone knows what I am talking about anywhere on my computer. Soon, they will be able to read my mind, whoever "they" is.

    1. DH swears it's starting to read his mind, LOL. He says he'll be out in the shop by himself and just thinking about a tool or something and that will show up as an ad.