Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Getting ready for some days off

My poor mom. As I mentioned I have had to tell her daily the past week or so that I am picking her up on Wednesday afternoon for the Thanksgiving weekend. She even called yesterday afternoon to ask again, so she could write a note for her apartment mgrs to let them know she will be gone and won't need meals on those dates. Then this morning she calls to say "what time did you say you are coming today?" 

DH has one side of the gate "built". Of course it needs staining, so I'm going to run to the lumber/paint store in town to get some at lunch. Hopefully, I can get that stained for him tomorrow morning, before I have to leave to go get my mom. It shouldn't take me more than a couple of hours, I wouldn't think.

I'm getting frustrated with the salespeople at my side job. They get monthly expense/auto reimbursement checks that I mail to them after they email me their expense reports. Since I mail the checks, it takes usually 4 days to get to them. I used to mail them to the office, but since COVID, I mail the checks to their home addresses. If they want them timely then first off they should be sending them to me right after the end of the month, instead of waiting until the middle of the month and suddenly they need the check right away. The first issue was one of them emailed me his new address a few months ago, as he moved. Both months his check took like 10 days to get to him. I went back to his original email to make sure I had typed in his address he gave me correctly. It was. Then I googled his address. It came up with a different zip code. He had given me the wrong zip code! Geez.  Then about 10 days ago one of the other sales people emailed that he's going to be out of town until the end of the month and to please mail his check to this other address (in another state) - and could I send him tracking on it? No....I just mail these from my home as a regular first class mail. I quadruple checked the address he gave me, even emailed him a picture of the envelope (window kind where the name and address shows through) and told him it will probably be there in 4-5 days and I mailed it out on a Saturday. The return address that shows through the window is the company name and address (on corner of check).  I get an email from my boss lady late yesterday that she got the envelope returned to the office as "no mailbox". Oh good grief! I looked again and I had typed in the exact address he gave me. I can't believe he wasn't emailing me at the end of last week saying it hadn't arrived yet. I promptly send him an email telling him the check is at the office, so let the owner know what he wants her to do with it. Geez.

I had ordered some sawtooth picture hangers 2-3 weeks ago from a 3rd party seller on Walmart.com. It was advertised as a set of 12 for $4.70. I ordered 2 sets, so expecting a total of 24 hangers. I got 6. I emailed (through Walmart) and no reply. I emailed again. Finally got a reply that I will be refunded. I get an email this morning that I was refunded $4.70......how does that math work?! They owe me for 18 missing hangers, so my math says the refund should be $7.05.  Not a lot of money, but just annoying all the same. It's not that hard to figure out. Seems like it would have been easier for them to just send me the rest that I wanted in the first place. Now I still need to buy some more.

I've got a couple of things I have to get done today, since I'm not back at work until next Tuesday. Payrolls being the main things. After one little "glitch" (it's always something) I was able to get my main job payroll already done this morning. My side job payroll would be due tomorrow, since Thurs and Friday are holidays (normally it would be due Thursday, since pay day is Monday). Yesterday I get this weird email from the payroll processing company saying either payroll has to be submitted on Wednesday or would they rather make their pay date on 12/1 this time? What?! No! I replied back that I had planned on doing payroll on Wednesday morning, so no need to delay people's pay by a day. Weird.

Now, I just have to get the state monthly tax return done and the rest of the day can be whatever gets done gets done.


  1. I hope you can relax and have a good time with your mother and husband during your days off. I never understand people who use up all the time at their end and then try to rush others. My team used to complain about expense report reimbursements all the time. Well guess what? They were always late in submitting them. I gave them a cut-off date and told them if they do not submit by that date, they would have to wait till the accounting person's earliest convenience and never come to me to complain.

    1. We have that exact same issue at both companies I work for. They have a deadline 5 days after the end of month but half of them don't adhere to it, then they would walk in the office with their report and want a check cut right then. It's changed somewhat since we started using an online service to process the reports and payments. Now we pretty much just let them submit when they want and they know they have to wait for my boss to approve them and then it takes another 4 business days to get into their bank account.