Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Out of sorts day

Well, boo. I thought I ordered some more black picture frames for my dad's sketches last weekend, but apparently I didn't get them added into my Walmart cart. Oh well, I'll try again, LOL. 

Trying to finish up payroll processing this morning. Had a new challenge. An employee that had been on leave still owes for her dependent benefits, so I had to figure out how to add those for her to catch up on her deductions now that she is back. And now our accounting program won't open for both me and boss at same time. I told her I would just log out and she could log in for now. I'm too busy with payroll to need it, and too busy to deal with our IT with it right now. Payroll needs to get done first.

It's snowing. I had to walk to the mailbox to get something out in the mail for my side job. It wasn't too cold though. My new chicken metal base waterer heater was supposed to come today (the waterer part came yesterday) but now it's saying Thursday. 

I need to make a trip to the grocery store in town. Just about out of milk. Out of bananas. Have a few other things on my list. I'll try to go tomorrow. Not supposed to snow tomorrow and it's supposed to be a bit above freezing. I'm kind of in a spot where I'll need to do some shopping before Thanksgiving, but since I have to drive to the city on the day before Thanksgiving, to pick up my mom, I don't want to make another trip in there before then, if I don't have to. I also don't really want to do a grocery pick up (or go in a store) the day before Thanksgiving. It will be a zoo and/or the pick up will be a long wait or end up canceling on me or something. My goal is to just try to get what I need in town to tide us over through Thanksgiving. Then when I take my mom back home Sunday after Thanksgiving, I will do a  grocery pickup order after I drop her off...if I can wait that long.

Usually I get up, make Dh's breakfast egg sandwich and my cup of coffee. Then head up to my office for about an hour to get started with work. Then come down and get my breakfast about an hour later, go out to the coop and give the chicks their bread treat. Then work another 30 min or so and then go back down and take a quick shower. Well, it's almost 11am and still now shower! First I was trying to gt payroll done. Then once that was done I put in a ticket for IT help and am still waiting on that. I know if I go jump in the shower is when the guy will try to call me. I hate these kinds of mornings. I don't get in the shower right when I get up for 2 reasons....it's too dang cold in the house, haha, and dh is still sleeping, so I try to make as little noise as possible until he's up (usually by 8 or 8:30).

Ok, finally showered and dressed. But, my boss just messaged me that she still can't open the accounting program, but she had to leave the office, so I guess we'll figure her out another time. 


  1. Hope the rest of your day goes smoothly.

  2. I would make an extra trip for groceries. Going out the day before Thanksgiving is always iff as to whether I can find what I want and need. I would just want to pick up my mother and get home and out of the craziness that this covid Thanksgiving shopping will be. I am quite sure it will be worse that usual finding items. I hope to have all I can do by this weekend. Of course, that might not work out.

    1. I do not want to try a store the day before, that's for sure. I'll see if I can get enough at the local store to tide me through until I take mom home after.