Tuesday, January 31, 2023

4 more days

I spent 45 minutes on the phone yesterday just trying to get my mom's landline service transferred to her new address, for Friday. After I got transferred to the 3rd person, when she came on the line and asked how she could help me today, I said well I sure hope you can because you're the 3rd person I've talked to. Finally, it's all set up and supposed to transfer on Friday. Even though I have her on paperless billing, I had them change her mailing address to mine, in case they every mail out anything.

I was about to call the carpet cleaning company for a 3rd time/visit, but then had a thought. I was pretty sure this current place would, no matter what condition, have the carpets professionally cleaned in preparing for a new resident to rent it, so I emailed the apartment manager and asked if they will be doing this, that she has had an accident again, and if they are going to have a carpet cleaner come in anyway, can we just have it all done then, and I'd be happy to have them bill me for it or add it to her final rent billing. The manager emailed back that yes, they will be having it professionally cleaned and not to worry about it. That's nice. One less thing for me to have to take care of. 

I also got a letter in the mail from her current senior living place that her monthly rent would have been going up $327 (like 10%) a month starting in March. That's a pretty significant increase, the most they've had (it's gone up each year).  Last evening it was the younger/new caregiver girl who came to give mom her meds. She doesn't usually end up getting mom into her nightgown, so of course she slept in her clothes. It amazes me how mom's brain knows to go to bed, yet doesn't know to put on her nightgown.  Dd's thought, for when we take her to the new place, is to just see how far along we can get into the new place before we have to start explaining/answering her questions. Like don't offer an explanation until she asks for one. She's kind of wondering if my mom will even realize it's a different place at all. 4 more days.........

Our garbage service seems to be going up in price almost every quarter (they do quarterly billing). When we first started service it was $40/mo, now it's over $60/mo. DH was wondering if they offer residential pick up every other week, but I doubt they do. I'll check though.

DD has a really cute paper towel holder that I like and she couldn't remember where she bought it so we google lensed it and it was from World Market and on sale for $12. It's copper for the part you put the roll on and a live edge wood base. I had just enough left on my visa gift card, so I just ordered that. I have this old wood one that I've literally had since we got married. I even painted it red several years ago, but now the paint is chipping and I hate that I have to unscrew the top every time I replace a roll.  

We pick dd up from the airport Thurs at 6pm. We're going to stop and pick up a grocery order first. After picking her up we think we'll just take her to a nice restaurant for dinner. It's cold enough out, that all the cold food will be fine in our cooler and cooler bags while we have dinner and then drive home. I need groceries! It's been 3 weeks since we last got groceries.

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  1. I am surprised they are not changing the carpet! It seems like it would just be too gross.
    Your mother does not know where she is some of the time, anyway. I don't think I would even acknowledge it is a new place since that might cause her anxiety. If she ever realizes she is forgetting, she might just think she forgot. Inside her room with her furniture and clock, she might not even notice.
    Does she ever mention cooking or anything she has done all her life? Will the tv be less susceptible to her sabotage of unplugging it?
    Three weeks is a long time to go without shopping!