Tuesday, January 17, 2023


My little chat with the egg layers must have done some good - I got 2 eggs yesterday! LOL. One of my facebook friends, who lives in another state, said her store had eggs over $7 and it was a limit of 1 18ct carton of eggs. While some stores here have the over $7 a dozen eggs, Walmart has good prices at under $3 and no limit (I bought 3 12 ct cartons). It also could be a factor that more people in this area probably have chickens, so that the demand isn't as high, so the prices are more normal. Hard to say.

I had to call the carpet cleaning place again, maybe my first voicemail last Thursday didn't go through, but she called me back yesterday, a little after I left another message, and I now have them scheduled for tomorrow.

My email that I use most for things has been so annoying lately. If I add attachments, the person doesn't get my email. They have to send me an email, I then have to reply to that email with my attachment(s) and they get it. This has now happened with 2 different people in the last week. Then one person, who I had already established sending emails back and forth with, he sent me something with an attachment that I didn't get...then found it in my Spam folder. It's very annoying. I think I'll have to try a new email.

I have a call in this morning for something I need to take care of. I ended up getting the voicemail of the person I need to talk to, so now am waiting for a return call. I hate waiting like this when you don't know how long it's going to be before the person gets back to you. It's been almost an hour since I left the message.

I'm just pleased about getting 2 eggs yesterday. Funny the little stuff that can make your day :)


  1. Our egg prices, in the south east US, are out of control. The normall 18ct I get from Wal-Mart has always been around $5. It is now $15.96! My sister has chickens and kindly gifted us a dozen. Unfortunately we aren't allowed to have chickens due to being in city limits. As for leaving messages, I find that more often than not, my messages are never returned, and I end up having to follow up!

    1. Ah, correction! It's a 2pk of 18ct, so 36ct total was $5, now $16! Still a huge jump.

    2. $8 for 18 is about right here in Birmingham, AL

    3. Never that high "normally" around us PP. The 2pk of 18ct was $4.96, single 18ct was $2.96. Big jump here.

  2. I send a friend a voicemail saying "Well, we are going to eat now, so I will call you later." This is when she does not answer the phone. So, ten minutes later when we are busy, she calls me saying, "I saw you called." Finally, I said, "you never listen to my voicemails, do you?" She then asked what I said, and I told her. She apologized and always listens to my emails, now.
    I hate it when I have three doctor calls to make, get no one and have to leave a message to call me. Then, I make the other two calls and leave voicemails. Usually, two of the offices call at the same time, so I have to lose one of the calls and it is hard to get them to call again.
    Don't get me wrong, I love voicemail when it works right.
    I am proud you coaxed your hens into laying two eggs. Will two each day keep you in eggs? I forgot, but how many hens do you have? I always thanked my hens!

  3. I bought an 18 ct of eggs last weekend at Wal Mart here in the midwest for $5.82. My grown daughter and her husband raise chickens but they aren't getting enough eggs to share with me. :)

  4. $5.19 for the dozen at our local store- then we broke one coming home. Very sad. It's an odd thing for everyone to be trackin. Even vegans as they figure they're saving money and eggs by using alternatives in cooking. I haven't decided d how high I'll pay. Maybe $6 per dozen seems my max. But, we do like a good scramble, or egg bake, or an overeasy on toast, so might still splurge. Who'd have thought scrambled eggs is a splurge?

  5. Here in southern Illinois I checked our egg prices and it was 3.69 for a dozen. We also have a lot of people here that raise their own chickens so I agree that is probably keeping the local prices down. The weather has been a bit warmer than normal here so chickens seem to still be laying quite a bit which I'm thankful for.

  6. When my chickens aren’t laying I will only buy the “better” eggs-free range. I don’t know if they are really happy chickens, but I feel better about it lol. Surprisingly they really haven’t gone up much since last year. They are on sale this week for $5 at Safeway. I think the regular price at Walmart is about $6. I paid $5 last year. Commercial chickens are raised so badly, so hopefully the eggs I buy really are raised more humanely.